2007S0008-1 12/14/06
  By: Lucio S.C.R. No. 2
       WHEREAS, Generations of Texans have long enjoyed viewing the
state's professional football franchises and college football
teams on television with friends and family; and
       WHEREAS, Most Texans are not able to attend professional or
college football games in person because the geography of the state
is so vast; and
       WHEREAS, A dispute between cable television providers and the
NFL Network has interfered with the ability of fans to enjoy and
support their favorite football teams in the 2006 season, resulting
in a Texas collegiate team playing in a major bowl game televised by
the NFL Network but not carried by the major cable providers of this
state and further resulting in one of the state's storied
professional football teams playing in a Saturday night football
game not scheduled to be made available for viewing in the majority
of the cable television households in this state; and
       WHEREAS, Televised viewing of professional and college
football teams of this state has traditionally been made available
to the citizens of this state via cable television; now, therefore,
be it
       RESOLVED, That the 80th Legislature of the State of Texas
hereby respectfully urge the cable television providers of this
state and the NFL Network to work out their differences so that
Texans can once again enjoy watching their professional and college
football games with friends and families; and, be it further
       RESOLVED, That, if the private corporations are not able to
put the interests of the citizens of Texas first, the legislature
urgently request that the appropriate state and federal regulatory
agencies intervene to settle this matter; and, be it further
       RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State forward an official
copy of this resolution to the chairs of the Public Utility
Commission of Texas and the Federal Communications Commission.