80R6668 TLE-D
  By: Estes S.C.R. No. 21
       WHEREAS, Small businesses, whether product manufacturers or
service providers, contribute significantly to the nation's
economy, generating half of the United States' gross domestic
product, employing half of the nation's workforce, and creating
most of the net new jobs in our country; small businesses also boost
the economy through patents that introduce new technologies and
innovations that develop new markets; and
       WHEREAS, The engine of Texas' economic performance is largely
driven by its small businesses; in 2003 the number of small
businesses in Texas was estimated to be more than 1.7 million,
representing 98.6 percent of the employing firms in Texas;
moreover, this sector of business continues to grow in size and in
its significance to the Texas economy; and
       WHEREAS, The Capitol grounds display statues, memorials, and
commemorations of people, events, and ideals that express the
unique characteristics that define our state; Chapter 443,
Government Code, authorizes the State Preservation Board to
preserve, maintain, and restore the Capitol grounds and requires
proposals to construct a monument or other improvement to the
Capitol Complex to be submitted to the board for review; and
       WHEREAS, Reminiscent of the frontier settlers of the Lone
Star State, the entrepreneurs who start and own small businesses
undertake the risk of such an enterprise with courage and
determination; this spirit, with its significant impact on the
well-being of our state, is truly worthy of public tribute; and
       WHEREAS, Members of the Texas Legislature find a
commemorative monument in honor of the contributions made by small
businesses in Texas to be a worthy addition to the Capitol grounds;
now, therefore, be it
       RESOLVED, That the 80th Legislature of the State of Texas
hereby authorize the State Preservation Board, subject to state law
and rules of the board, to approve and permit the construction of a
new monument on the Capitol grounds honoring the contributions that
small businesses have made to the State of Texas; and, be it further
       RESOLVED, That no public funds be used for the design and
construction of the monument and that the State of Texas not
facilitate fund-raising nor establish a state fund for the deposit
of money raised for the design and construction of the monument;
and, be it further
       RESOLVED, That the Texas secretary of state forward an
official copy of this resolution to the executive director of the
State Preservation Board.