WHEREAS, Saint Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish
heritage, and this occasion provides an opportunity to honor
the many contributions that individuals of Irish descent have
made to the Lone Star State; and
       WHEREAS, One of the earliest Irish residents of Texas was
Hugh O'Connor, who served as governor of the Spanish territory
from 1767 to 1770; natives of Ireland also played a central role
in the settlement of Texas in the early 1800s, including
empresarios James McGloin, John McMullen, and James Power,
who brought dozens of Irish families to South Texas and the
Gulf Coast; and
       WHEREAS, All three of these men participated in the
Texas Revolution, as did Irishmen such as John Joseph Linn,
Francis Moore, Jr., and Thomas William Ward; a dozen individuals
from the Emerald Isle died defending the Alamo, and 100 Irish-born
troops helped win the independence of Texas in the decisive
Battle of San Jacinto; and
       WHEREAS, The number of immigrants from Ireland grew
dramatically in the mid-1800s, and several prominent Irish
natives made their mark during that period; Samuel McKinney was
an early president of Austin College, Father Michael Sheehan
established the first Catholic church in Austin and became one of
the first full-time Catholic chaplains in the United States Army,
and Peter Gallagher served as a Texas Ranger and helped
organize Pecos County; later in the 19th century, Irishman
John William Mallet served as the first faculty chairman at
The University of Texas at Austin, and artist Henry Arthur McArdle
produced many famous paintings inspired by Texas history, some
of which now hang in the State Capitol; and
       WHEREAS, With the passing decades, additional people from
Ireland found a new home in Texas, and they and the descendents
of previous immigrants have had an enduring influence on the
state's lifestyle and development; today, Irish culture is
celebrated in formal programs such as the Center for Irish
Studies at the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, as well
as in statewide Saint Patrick's Day celebrations, and it is
appropriate to join with thousands of other residents in
recognizing the significant role that Irish Americans have
played in the story of the Lone Star State; now, therefore, be it
       RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
80th Legislature, hereby pay tribute to the state's vital Irish
heritage and extend Happy Saint Patrick's Day wishes to all Irish
    President of the Senate
    I hereby certify that the
above Resolution was adopted by
the Senate on March 15, 2007.
    Secretary of the Senate
     Member, Texas Senate