WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to
recognize the Texas Jewish Historical Society for its efforts to
preserve the history of the Texas Jewish experience; and
       WHEREAS, The Texas Jewish Historical Society began in 1980
after Rabbi Jimmy Kessler published a letter in Jewish newspapers
in Houston and the Dallas and Fort Worth area calling for the
creation of a historical society to preserve the history of the
Texas Jewish experience; and
       WHEREAS, The society has grown to over 750 family members
and has sponsored and encouraged research and provided a forum
for scholars and students of Jewish history and culture in Texas;
       WHEREAS, A permanent archive of source materials and
histories has been established at The University of Texas
American History Center in Austin as part of the Barker Texas
History Collection; and
       WHEREAS, The earliest Jews, who arrived with the conquistadors,
were attracted to Texas for the same reasons that the non-Jewish
immigrants were; Texas promised seemingly limitless potential
opportunities and offered more religious freedom than Europe;
       WHEREAS, The early settlers followed a pattern of forming a
cemetery-benevolent society and then establishing a synagogue;
the first chartered Jewish congregation in Texas, Congregation
Beth Israel, was founded in Houston in 1859; and
       WHEREAS, By the turn of the century, numerous congregations
had been organized, and several Jewish communities began
benevolent associations, such as chapters of the International
Order of B'nai B'rith, literary societies, community lecture
series, and afternoon schools; and
       WHEREAS, The Texas Jewish Historical Society preserves,
publishes, and disseminates materials referring to the
settlement and the history of Jews in Texas and their participation
in its growth, and their integral role in Texas history; the
society is holding its 2007 gathering April 20 through 22 in
Odessa; now, therefore, be it
       RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
80th Legislature, hereby commend the members of the Texas Jewish
Historical Society and extend to them best wishes for a successful
and informative meeting; and, be it further
       RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared as an
expression of high regard from the Texas Senate.
    President of the Senate
    I hereby certify that the
above Resolution was adopted by
the Senate on April 16, 2007.
    Secretary of the Senate
     Member, Texas Senate