WHEREAS, Residents of McMullen County are gathering on
  May 21, 2007, to celebrate McMullen County Day at the State Capitol;
         WHEREAS, Located in South Texas, McMullen County consists
  of more than 1,000 square miles of flat to rolling terrain
  covered with mesquite, scrub brush, cacti, chaparral, and
  grasses; before the county's settlement in the 19th century, the
  landscape of the area was notably different, dominated chiefly by
  grasslands; and
         WHEREAS, Named for the Irish pioneer John McMullen, the
  county was officially established in 1858, but settlement was
  sparse due to unrest and conflict in the region; shortly before
  the Civil War, settlers began to move into the area to take
  advantage of its profitable grasslands, cattle, and mustangs; a
  group of resourceful adventurers established a settlement at the
  intersection of the Frio River and Leoncita Creek and named it
  Rio Frio; it was the first permanent settlement in the county and
  eventually became Tilden, the county seat; and
         WHEREAS, At the turn of the century, ranching completely
  dominated the county's economy; since then, the oil and gas
  industry has grown in importance; and
         WHEREAS, The residents of this fine Texas county have
  played an important role in preserving their region's past and in
  preparing for the future, and it is a pleasure to pay tribute to
  McMullen County and its citizens on this special day; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
  80th Legislature, hereby recognize May 21, 2007, as McMullen County
  Day at the State Capitol and extend to those citizens here today
  sincere best wishes for an enjoyable visit; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared in
  honor of this occasion.
        President of the Senate
        I hereby certify that the
    above Resolution was adopted by
    the Senate on May 21, 2007.
        Secretary of the Senate
         Member, Texas Senate