Wednesday, April 23, 2008

10 a.m. or upon adjournment of the Senate Finance Higher Education Subcommittee

Capitol Extension, Room E1.036




Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.18, a public hearing of the Standing Senate Higher Education Subcommittee was held on Wednesday, April 23, 2008, in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.036, at Austin, Texas.







Senator Judith Zaffirini, Chair

Senator Dan Patrick

Senator Tommy Williams



Senator Kip Averitt

Senator Royce West




The chair called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m.  There being a quorum present, the following business was transacted: 


Senator Patrick moved that the minutes of the March 24, 2008, hearing be approved. The motion was adopted by unanimous consent. 


The chair explained in her opening remarks that the purpose of today's hearing is to discuss two interim charges assigned to the Senate Higher Education Subcommittee.


Interim Charge 2 directed the subcommittee to "identify future economic trends and workforce needs, including those created by additional nuclear generation facilities, and identify strategies to help meet these needs."


The following witnesses testified regarding Interim Charge 2: Kenneth Lee Peddicord, Director, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A&M University; Deana Savage, former President, Texas Association of Technical College Educators; Doug Ridge, Director, Employer Initiatives, Texas Workforce Commission; and Will Jump, Plant General Manager, South Texas Project.







Interim Charge 6 directed the subcommittee to "evaluate the cost and feasibility of a range of options for providing health care insurance for students attending institutions of higher education."


The following witnesses testified regarding Interim Charge 6: Diane Longley, Director, Research and Analysis, Texas Department of Insurance; Emilio Carranco, Director of the Student Health Center, Texas State University - San Marcos; Keshav Rajagopalan, President, Student Government, The University of Texas at Austin; Brian C. Gatten, Legislative Director and former Graduate Student Assembly Co-Chair, The University of Texas at Austin; Amy Forestell, former President, Graduate Student Assembly, The University of Texas at Austin; and Katherine Haenschen, Vice President for External Affairs, Graduate Student Assembly, The University of Texas at Austin.


There being no further business, at 1:34 p.m. the committee was recessed, subject to the call of the chair.





Senator Judith Zaffirini, Chair




Lauren Cook, Clerk