SB 3
Senate Committee Report
Natural Resources
March 6, 2007 - 1:00 PM or upon adjournment
Bell, David (West Central Texas Municiple Water District), Abilene, TX
Bowers, Chris (City of Dallas), Dallas, TX
Brown, chris (Texas Section AWWA - Conservation and Reuse Division), San Antonio, TX
Ceverha, Bill (Trinity Improvement Association), Dallas, TX
Farell, Dan (North Texas Commission), Dallas, TX
Finch, Calvin (San Antonio Water System), San Antonio, TX
Ford, Phil (Brazos River Authority), McGregor, TX
Fox, Eric (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company), Fort Worth, TX
Hart Black, Jan (Metro 8 Chambers of Commerce), Dallas, TX
Langford, David (Texas Wildlife Association), Comfort, TX
McCarthy, Ed (City of Houston), Austin, TX
Novoa, P.E., Joe (Greater Dallas Chamber), Dallas, TX
Payne, Brinton (Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce), Fort Worth, TX
Puckett, Jody (City of Dallas - Water Utilities), Dallas, TX
Ray, Hal (Self), Aledo, TX
Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Association), Austin, TX
Sears, Jr., Walt (Northeast Texas Municipal Water District), Hughes Springs, TX
Spruill, Tommy (Titus County FWSD and Net Water Coalition), Mt. Pleasant, TX
Weidman, David (City of Mount Vernon and Franklin County Water Distict), Mounty Vernon, TX
Beving, Rita (Self), Addison, TX
Bezanson, Janice (Texas Committee on Natural Resources), Austin, TX
Black Keeney, Amanda (International Paper - Texarkana Mill), Domino, TX
Boucher, David (IBEW 301 and PPRC), Atlanta, TX
Cheatwood, Gary W. (Self), Bogota, TX
Cheatwood, Jr., Gary (Self), Sulphur Springs, TX
Clements Berridge, Molly (Rural East Texas), Douglassville, TX
Cothren, David (Pulp and Paperworkers' Resource Council), Queen City, TX
Flaeming, Emily (Self; Shawnee Creek Ranch Subdivision), Avery, TX
Frost, Don (International Paper Company), Texarkana, TX
Frost, George (Region D), Maud, TX
Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau), Austin, TX
Krebs, Barney (United Steel Workers), Texarkana, TX
Lee, Glenn (Citizens to Save Bois d'Arc Creek), Honey Grove, TX
LeTournea, Richard (Regional D Water Planning Group), Hallsville, TX
Melson, Nathan (Self; Citizens Organizing for Resources and Environment, Fannin-Grayson Counties), Dodd City, TX
Nabors, David (Self), Paris, TX
Nabors, Sharron (Self), Paris, TX
Rooke, Molly (Self), Dallas, TX
Ryser, Nathan (Citizens to Save Bois d'Arc), Honey Grove, TX
Shumake, Max (Self), DeKalb, TX
Small, Ed (Texas Forestry Association), Austin, TX
Thomas, Jim (Region D Water Planning Group), Atlanta, TX
Vogelson, Mary (League of Women Voters), Dallas, TX
Wadley, Doug (International Paper - Texarkana Mill), Texarkana, TX
Ward, Bill (Ward Timber Co.), Atlanta, TX
Youmans, Bruce (Self; Shawnee Creek Ranch Subdivision), Avery, TX
Baker, Carole (Harris - Galveston Subsidence District), Friendswood, TX
Box, Steve (Environmental Stewardship), Bastrop, TX
Brittin, Carolyn (Texas Water Development Board), Austin, TX
Callaway, Glenda (Galveston Bay FDN.), Houston, TX
Ellis, Greg (Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts), League City, TX

Ford Crawford, Lauren (Texas Municipal League), Austin, TX
Hess, Myron (Nation Wildlife Federation), Austin, TX
Kelly, Mary (Environmental Defense), Austin, TX
Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club), Austin, TX
Mullicon, Bill (Texas Water Development Board), Austin, TX
Oliver, Bill (Self), Austin, TX
Small, Ed (Texas and Southwestern Cattle Ranchers), Austin, TX
Ward, J. Kevin (Texas Water Development Board), Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Aus, Fred (Lower Colorado River Authority), Austin, TX
Barksdale, Jay (Greater Dallas Chamber), Dallas, TX
Batterton, Carol (Water Environment Association of Texas), Fredericksburg, TX
Baum, Walt (Accociation of Electirc Companies of Texas), Austin, TX
Birdwell, Wes (Self)
Brzozowski, Patick (Lavaca-Navidad River Authority), Edna, TX
Burke, John (Region K REgional Planning Group), Bastrop, TX
Cash, Sandy (Upper Trinity Regional Water District), Irving, TX
Christie, Linda (Tarrant Regional Water District), Fort Worth, TX
Day, Aaron (City of Fort Worth), Fort Worth, TX
Finch, Calvin (San Antonio Water System), San Antonio, TX
Fitzgerald, Amy (City of Arlington), Arlington, TX
Gutierrez, Hugo (Marathon Oil Corp.), Houston, TX
Guz, Karen (San Antonio Water System), San Antonion, TX
Harris, Johnny (Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority), Lake Dallas, TX
Hastings, Debbie (Texas Oil and Gas Association), Austin, TX
Lubye, Rich (City of Highland Village), Flower Mound, TX
Mendez, Mark Assistant County Administrator (Tarrant County Commissioners Court), Fort Worth, TX
Moore, Julie (Occidental Petroleum Corporation), Austin, TX
Parks, James (North Texas Municipal Water District), Wylie, TX
Patterson, Larry (Upper Trinity Regional Water District), Lewisville, TX
Rickets, Terri (McKinney Chamber of Commerce), McKinney, TX
Schulle Jr., Gerhardt (Texas Soc. of Professional Engineers), San Marcos, TX
Sherrill, Kristi (Self), Dallas, TX
Strother, Stephanie (TXU), Dallas, TX
Taylor, Thomas (Upper Trinity Regional Water Distict), Lewisville, TX
Utter, Tom (City of Corpus Christi), Corpus Christi, TX
Vola, David (City of Abilene), Abilene, TX
West Jr., W.E. (Bill) (Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority), Seguin, TX
Wisdom, Christina (Texas Chemical Council), Austin, TX
Clements, Nancy (Clements Tree Farm), Douglassville, TX
DeRosa Sr., Donald (Self), Avery, TX
Fleming, Emily (Self), Avery, TX
Gerstenschlager, Merry Lynn Education Liaison (Texas Eagle Forum), Weatherford, TX
Grant, Mary (Self), Annona, TX
Greenwood, Pauline (Self), Paris, TX
Heath, Ben (Self), Douglassville, TX
McWilliams, Dean (Ward Timber Company), Austin, TX
McWilliams, Dean (City of Texarkana), Austin, TX
Medley, Lee (United Steel Workers District Council), Pasadena, TX
Oliver, Bill (Self), Austin, TX
Pittman, Lee (International Paper - Texarkana), Domino, TX
Pruitt, Garland (United Auto Worker), Grand Pruitt, TX
Reed, Wes (Citizens to Save Bois d'Arc Creek), Dallas, TX
Smart, Freda (Self), Paris, TX

Vera, Anthony (Self), De Kalb, TX
Everheart, Harvey (Mesa Underground Water Conservation District), Lamesa, TX
Providing written testimony:
Valdez, Jerry (Greater Houston Partnership), Austin, TX
Carlson, Pat (Texas Eagle Forum), Fort Worth, TX
Andrews, Lesli (City of Abilene), Abilene, TX
Vola, David (City of Abilene), Abilene, TX
March 13, 2007 - 1:00 PM or upon adjournment
Conkwright, Jim (High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1), Lubbock, TX
Langford, David K. (Texas Wildlife Association), Comfort, TX
Ward, J. Kevin (Texas Water Development Board), Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Kinsel, Karl (Texas Deer Association), San Antonio, TX
Brittin, Carolyn (Texas Water Development Board), Austin, TX