SB  10
Senate Committee Report
Health & Human Services
April  3, 2007 - 9:00 AM
Camacho, Jose  Executive Director  (Texas Association of Community Health Centers, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Floyd, Gary  Physician  (Texas Medical Association & Primary Care Coalition),  Fort Worth, TX
Hawkins, John  Vice President, Government Relations  (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX
Holcomb, John  Physician  (Texas Medical Association & Primary Care Coalition),  Austin, TX
Lovelace, Joe  Attorney  (Texas Council of Community MHMR),  Austin, TX
Roberson, Kim  Pharmacist  (Texas Pharmacy Association),  Austin, TX
Sperry, Bryan  President  (Children's Hospital Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Wolfe, Jared  Executive Director  (Texas Association of Health Plans),  Austin, TX
Dunkelberg, Anne  Associate Director  (Center for Public Policy Priorities),  Austin, TX
Guerra, Michael  Vice President, Government Relations  (Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce),  El Paso, TX
Hawkins, Albert  Executive Commissioner  (Texas Health & Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Hernandez, George  President/CEO, University Health System  (Texas Association of Public and Non-Profit Hospitals),  San Antonio, TX
Kafka, Bob  Organizer  (Institute for Disability Access),  Austin, TX
Lopez, David  President/CEO, Harris County Hospital  (Texas Coalition of Transferring Hospitals),  Houston, TX
McCloskey, Amanda  Manager of Advocacy  (AARP-Texas),  Austin, TX
Miller, Jeff  Policy Specialist  (Advocacy Incorporated),  Austin, TX
Milligan, Maureen  Deputy Chief of Staff  (Texas Health & Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Singh, Heramb  Physician  (Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce),  El Paso, TX
Stout, Mary Katherine  Vice President & Director of Healthcare  (Texas Public Policy Foundation),  Austin, TX
Suehs, Tom  Deputy Executive Commissioner of Financial Services  (Texas Health & Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Svadlenak, Steve  Executive Director  (Texas Association of Public and Non-Profit Hospitals),  Austin, TX
Vasek, Heather  Director of Public Policy  (Texas Association for Home Care),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Brown, April  Policy Analyst  (Texas Conservative Coalition),  Austin, TX
Dunsavage, Douglas  Advocacy Director  (American Heart Association),  Austin, TX
Elrod, Susanne    (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers),  Austin, TX
Flower, Linda  Family Physician  (Self),  Tomball, TX
Hernandez, Richard  Director of Governmental Affairs  (EduCare Community Living),  Austin, TX
Schnabel, Charlie  Consultant  (Texas Academy for Pediatric Dentistry),  Austin, TX
Smith, Carole  Executive Director  (Private Providers Association of Texas),  Austin, TX
Woolbert, Lynda  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner  (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice),  Austin, TX
Gorlach, Igor  Student  (Students for Policy Awareness at Rice University),  Houston, TX
Longley, Dianne  State Employee  (Texas Department of Insurance),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Crowe, Michael  Attorney  (Texas Border Coalition),  Austin, TX