SB  1102
Senate Committee Report
State Affairs
March  19, 2007 - 9:00 AM
Bacon, April    (Texas Association of County Auditors),  Austin, TX
Biscoe, Sam    (Travis County),  Austin, TX
Hartman, Eric    (Texas Federation of Teachers),  Austin, TX
Homer, Andy    (Texas Public Employees Association),  Austin, TX
Lee, Donald    (Texas Conference of Urban Counties),  Austin, TX
Powell, Gregg    (AFSCME),  Rommel Rock, TX
Rogers, William    (Texas State Employees Union),  Austin, TX
Sonleitner, Karen    (Self and as former Co. Commissioner),  Austin, TX
Spataro, Susan A.    (Travis County Auditor),  Austin, TX
Spicer, Brett    (Travis County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Assn.),  Austin, TX
Witley, Glen    (Conference of urban Counties/ Tarrant County),  Ft. Worth, TX
Duplant, Max S.    (Government Fincance Officers Assn. of Texas),  Beaumont, TX
Johnson, Karl D.    (Governmental Accounting Standards Board),  Norwalk, CT
Patton, Terry    (Governmnetal Accounting Standards Board),  Bethel, CT
Granof, Michael H.    (Self),  Austin, TX
Kline, Robert C.    (Bond Review Board),  Austin, TX
Love, Jerry  CPA  (Texas Society of CPAs),  Abeline, TX
Montemayor, Piper    (Bond Review Board),  Austin, TX
Opel, Glen    (Travis County),  Austin1, TX
Owen, Bob    (Texas Society of CPAs),  Desoto, TX
Santiago, Gwen    (Texas Association of School Business Officials),  Austin, TX
Sullivan, Kent    (Office of Attorney General),  Austin, TX
Whittenton, Suzy    (Tx Comptroller of Public Accts.),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Bradley, Steve    (TSEU),  Austin, TX
Chambless, Alice T.    (AFSCME),  Delvalle, TX
Chambless, Paul    (AFSCME),  Del Valle, TX
Clark-Bradley, Vicki    (TSEU),  Austin, TX
Colunga, Jessie L.    (AFSCME Local 1624 - Travis County, Tx)
Cunningham, Leslie    (Texas State Employees Union (Retired from Tx Workforce Comm)),  Austin, TX
Elfant, Bruce    (Justices of the Peace and Constables Assoc. of Texas),  Austin, TX
Jacobs, Greg    (Self),  Austin, TX
Jones, Marsha    (Travis County Hospital District),  Austin, TX
Junker, Jennifer C.    (John F Clark Company),  Dallas, TX
Kirfman, Jack    (AFSCME),  Austin, TX
Marks, Julie    (Texas Association of Counties),  Austin, TX
Marshall, Joe    (Self),  Austin, TX
Mendez, Mark    (Tarrant County Commissioners Court),  Ft. Worth, TX
Nellis, Leroy W.  CPA  (Travis County),  Austin, TX
Scallon, Susan    (AFSCME Local 1624 - City of Austin),  Austin, TX
Smith, Christian    (Travis County Planning & Budget),  Austin, TX
Walton, Kimberly    (Self),  Austin, TX
Warner, Diana    (Self),  Austin, TX
Brown, Bradley D.  CPA  (Edgar, Kiker & Cross Pl, CPAs),  Beaumont, TX
Providing written testimony:
Allen, Christopher C.    (Governmental Accounting Standards Board),  Norwalk, CT
April  16, 2007 - 9:00 AM
Registering, but not testifying:
Spataro, Susan A    (Travis County Auditor),  Austin, TX