Appropriations-S/C on Education Committee
February  6, 2007 - 7:00 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Rivera, Derly (Texas Retired Teachers Association)
Brooks, Dr. Gene (Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired)
Bugen, Claire (Texas School for the Deaf)
Camenisch, Walt (Texas School for the Deaf)
Daude, John B. (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired)
Featherston, Pattie (Teacher Retirement System)
Fickel, Ann (Tx Classroom Teachers Association)
Gregg, Brock (Association of Texas Professional Teachers)
Hatlen, Phil (Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired)
Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)
Raab, Ted Melina (Texas Federation of Teachers)
Rogers, Tom (Texas Retired Teachers Association)
Sefcik-Kennedy, Connie (Texas School f/t Deaf)
Wolf, Angie (Texas School for the Deaf)