Appropriations-S/C on Regulatory Committee
February  6, 2007 - 7:00 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Montoya, David (Board of Tax Professional Examiners)
Butler, Thomas (Credit Union Commission)
Crawford, Denise Voigt "Denny" (State Securities Board)
Feeney, Harold E. (Credit Union Department)
James, Randall S. (Texas Dept. of Banking)
Payne, Danny (Dept. of Savings & Mortgage Lending)
Pettijohn, Leslie (Consumer Credit Commissioner)
Thorburn, Wayne (Texas Real Estate Commission /Texas Appraiser Licensing + Certification Board)
Waddill, A. Duane (Texas Residential Commission)
Walton, John (Texas Real Estate Commission)
Wofford, Margaret (Tx Dept of Savings & Mortgage Lending)