Appropriations-S/C on Regulatory Committee
October  23, 2007 - 10:00 AM
Texas Medical Board
Sartwelle, Thomas  (Self and Jim Johnston, M.D.)
Campbell, M.D., Andrew  (Self and Medical Center for Immune and Toxic Disorders)
Chalifoux, Jr., D.O., Roland  (Self)
de Wet, M.D., Pieter  (Self)
Fuentes, Sharon  (Self)
Hotze, Steven  (Self)
Kuhne, M.D., R. Chris  (Self)
Lang, D.O., Howard  (Self)
Lewis, D.O., Harold  (Self)
Long, Blakely  (Self)
Mills, D.O., Billy  (Self)
Payne, D.O., John  (Self)
Pigott, M.D., Shirley  (Self and Texas Medical Board Watch)
Roell, Joseph  (Self)
Schlafly, Andrew (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons)
Sebring, M.D., Lane  (Self)
Sloman-Moll, Erik  (Self)
Stewart, M.D., James  (Self and McAllen Primary Care Clinic)
Trevino, Dee  (Self and McAllen Primary Care Clinic)
Wiener, M.D., Isidoro  (Self)
Eichelberger, Reba  (Self)
Fredricks, Melinda (Texas Medical Board)
Garanflo, Jaime (Texas Medical Board)
Garcia, Dr., Tom (Texas Medical Association and Harris County Medical Society)
Herring, J.D., Mary Elizabeth (Texas Medical Board)
Hochman, M.D., Joel  (Self and National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain)
Kalafut, D.O., Roberta (Texas Medical Board)
Mahoney, D.O., James  (Self)
McFarland, Jane (Texas Medical Board)
Patrick, Donald (Texas Medical Board)
Pena, M.D., Francisco  (Self)
Price, Larry  (Self and Texas Medical Board)
Rea, M.D., William  (Self)
Robinson, Mari (Texas Medical Board)
Simpson, Robert (Texas Medical Board)
Spiller, Lee (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)
Trompler, M.D. J.D., Vicky  (Self)
Turner, Tim (Texas Medical Board)
Weitz, Tim  (Self and McDonald, Mackay, and Weitz, LLP)
Registering, but not testifying:
Marcus, M.D., Howard (Texas Alliance for Patient Access)
Luedecke, Monica  (Self)
Roby, Russell  (Self)
Shipman, Nolan  (Self)
Bramlette, Laura  (Self)
Patterson, Ken  (Self)
Winslow, Alex (Texas Watch)