Appropriations-S/C on Health & Human Services Committee
February  6, 2007 - 8:30 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Blije, Rogina (Texas State Independent Living Council)
Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
Harris, Russell (LIFEIRUN Center for Independent Living)
Margeson, Paula (State Independent Living Council)
McGee, Joanne M. (Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council)
Saenz, Danny (ADAPT of Texas)
Scott, Jette (Mother of TBI Survivor)
Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT of Texas)
Meinkowsky, John (ARCIL)
Mills, Sarah (Advocacy, INC)
Murphy, Terry (Dept. of Assistive & Rehabilitation Services (DARS))
Welch, Ken (Health and Human Services Commission)
Wheeler, Bill (Dept of Assistive and Rehab Services)