Appropriations-S/C on Health & Human Services Committee
February 12, 2007 - 8:30 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Cranston, Cathy (UCP of Texas & ADAPT of TX & Ronald A Cranston)
Holton, Alison (Self)
Holton, Andrew (Self)
Holton, Scottie (Self)
Litzinger, Amy (Self)
Litzinger, Linda (Self)
Barker, Conni (for Nancy Holman, Texas Alliance of Child & Family Services)
Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans wih Disabilities)
Bright, Mike (The Arc of Texas)
Conner, Patty (Hope Alliance, Family Violence Service Providers)
Crowe, Michael (Texas Assisted Living Assoc.)
Daniels, Derek (Self and Texas Assisted Living Association)
Gill, Norine Jaloway (The Arc of Texas)
Goldstein, Ivy (Self)
Graves, Tim (Texas Health Care Association)
Harracksingh, Rachel (Texas Amb Assoc & Life Ambulance service)
Israel, Gordon (Self and Draco Services, Inc.)
Johnson, Jane (Self)
Kelly, Pamela (Self and Reaching Maximum Independence Inc (PPAT))
Leatham, David (Self and Vita-Living, Inc serving persons with Mental Retardation and other developmental and physical disabilities)
Liggett, Sharon (Self and Texas Assisted Living Association)
Lovelace, Joe (Texas Council of MHMR Centers)
Petersen, Sandy (TORCH Texas Org. of Residential Care Homes)
Sanchez, Courtney (Jonah Ministry)
Schoeneberg, Kathy (Self and Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (TORCH))
Smith, Carole (Private Providers Association of Texas)
Snyder, Ruth (Parent Association for the Retarded of Texas)
Sonleitner, Denise (Self)
Southern, Mayor David (Self and Southern Concepts Inc.)
Sprinkle, GK (Texas Ambulance Association)
Vasek, Heather (Texas Association for Home Care)
Baker, Helen M. (Disability Services of the Southwest)
Barker, Conni (De Pelchin Children's Center)
Besteiro, Ollie (AARP)
Briones Jr., Felix (Self and ADAPT)
Camacho, Jose E. (Tx. Assn of Community Health Centers)
Carrillo, Dolores (Self)
Cranston, Cathy (ADAPT of TX/ Personal Attendant Coalition of TX (PACT))
DeLuna, Eva (CPPP, Center for Public Policy Priorities)
Hagert, Celia (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
Heiligenstein, Anne (Health and Human Services Commission)
Henderson, Tracy (Health and Human Services Commission)
Horn, Adelaide M. (Department of Aging and Disability Services)
Horton, Colleen (Self and Tx Center for Disability Studies)
Kafka, Bob (ADAPT of TX)
McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT of Texas)
Metz, Albert (Self)

Miller, Jeff (Self and Advocacy, Incorporated)
O'Connor, Caroline (Texas State Employees Union/ Communications Workers of America)
Peacock, Oren (Texas Federation of Drug Stores)
Reyes, Paul (Self)
Rodriguez, Olga (Health and Human Services Commission)
Suehs, Thomas (Health and Human Services Commission)
Taylor, Gordon (Dept of Aging & Disability Services)
Templeton, Mike (Trisun Healthcare)
Thomas, Stephanie (ADAPT)
Thomason, David (Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging)
Thompson, Matthew (Self and Texas Medical Group Management Association and Texas Medical Association)
Traylor, Chris (Health and Human Services Commission)