Appropriations-S/C on Health & Human Services Committee
February  13, 2007 - 7:00 AM
LBB Budget Recommendations
Cowan, Terry (Association of Substance Abuse Providers)
Parker, PhD, Carolyn A. (Texas AIDS Network)
Brady, Denise (Mental Health Association in Texas)
Gonzales, Gilbert R. (The Center for Health Care Services (Mental Health Authority))
Keller, Merily H. (Tx Suicide Prevention Community Network)
Kenney, Robert  (Self)
Lovelace, Joe (Texas Council of MHMR Centers)
Sappington, Hartley  (Self)
Smith, Jodie (Texans Care for Children)
Smith, Stephen (Texas Mining and Reclamation Association)
Sprinkle, GK (Texas Ambulance Assoc)
Tod, Theresa (Texas Network of Youth Services)
Werlein, Linda J (Hill Country Community MHMRC)
Camacho, Jose E. (Tx. Assn of Community Health Centers)
Cockerell, Carey (Dept. of Family & Protective Services)
Delgado, Evelyn (TX Dept of State Health SVCS)
Fritz, Randy (Dept. of State Health Services)
Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
Krueger, Donna (Dept. of Family & Protective Services)
Lakey, M.D., David (Dept. of State Health Services)
Lawson, Janet (Dept. of State Health Services)
McClure, Madeline (TexProtects the Texas Association for the Protection of Children & Prevent Child Abuse Texas)
Perkins, Kathryn C. (Tx. Dept of State Health Service)
Pharr, Machelle (Department of State Health Services)
Sims, Jennifer (Dept. of Family & Protective Services)
Stabeno, Debra C. (TX Dept. of State Health Services)
Thyssen, Monica (Advocacy, Inc./ Children's Mental Health Policy Consortium)
Vesowate, Joe (Dept. of State Health Services)
Wanser, Dave (Dept of State Health Services)