Appropriations-S/C on General Government Committee
September  10, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Interim Charge #1
Christiansen, Eugene (Christiansen Capital Advisors LLC)
Collins, Rob (Morgan Stanley)
Dudley, Scott (Legislative Budget Board)
Farmer, Kels (State Auditor's Office)
Fuelberg, Ann (Employees Retirement System)
Grief, Gary (Texas Lottery Commission)
Hernandez, Demetrio (Legislative Budget Board)
Hubert, Martin (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Johnson, Edward (Texas Facilities Commission)
Korn, Stanton (Texas Facilities Commission)
McClendon, Ralph (State Auditor's Office)
Meister, Richard (Merrill Lynch)
Osborne, Tom (UBS Investment Bank)
Pigott, Ron (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Prado, Liz (Legislative Budget Board)
Pyka, Kathy (Texas Lottery Commission)
Rawson, Brian (Department of Information Resources)
Reed, Cindy (Department of Information Resources)
Sadberry, Anthony (Texas Lottery Commission)
Salone, Ginger (Department of Information Resources)
Scallion, Marva (Legislative Budget Board)
Tusk, Bradley (Lehman Brothers)
Utz, David (Goldman, Sachs & Co.)
Registering, but not testifying:
Cox, Jr., James (Texas Lottery Commission)
Gonzalez, Victor (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Lanier, Dustin (Comptroller of Public Accounts)