S/C on Flooding & Evacuations
April 9, 2008 - 01:00 PM
Interim Charge 1 (SB 1436)
Barr, Bruce  CFM  (Texas Association of Counties),  Austin, TX
Birdwell, Wes    (Texas Floodplain Management Association),  Austin, TX
Brittin, Carolyn  Deputy Executive Administrator  (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
Howard, Mike    (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
Providing written testimony:
Scott, Suzanne  General Manager  (San Antonio River Authority),  San Antonio, TX
Interim Charge 2 (Priority Legislation)
Barton, John  Assistant Executive Director, Engineering Operations  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Falgout, Kermit  Risk Management  (Houston Independent School District),  Houston, TX
Flores, Rebecca  Director of Relations  (Houston Independent School District),  Houston, TX
Harrison, Jim  Government Affairs  (Office of Governor Rick Perry),  Austin, TX
King, Bill    (Self),  Houston, TX
Lambert, Thomas  Senior Vice President & Chief of Police  (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas),  Houston, TX
Lewis, Kirk    (Pasadena Independent School District),  Pasadena, TX
Lopez, Carlos  Director, Traffic Operations  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
Suggs, Jeff  Emergency Management Coordinator  (City of La Porte, Texas),  La Porte, TX
Webb, Zane  Director, Maintenance  (Texas Department of Transportation),  Austin, TX
White, Jimmy    (Supreme Court Task Force for Judicial Readiness in Times of Emergency),  Mt. Pleasant, TX
Wilson, John  Senior Consultant  (Harris County Department of Education, Center for Safe and Secure Schools),  Houston, TX
Youngjohn, Paul  Manager, Transportation, Houston  (Houston Independent School District),  Houston, TX