S/C on Higher Education
June 25, 2008 - 01:00 PM or upon adjourn of SFHESC
Interim Charge 4
Dickey, Nancy  President  (Texas A&M Health Science Center),  College Station, TX
Gardner, David  Deputy Commissioner  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austin, TX
Hahn, Marc  Senior Vice President, Health Affairs & Dean  (University of North Texas Health Science Center),  Fort Worth, TX
Herman, Brian  Vice President of Research  (UT Health Science Center San Antonio),  San Antonio, TX
Martinez, Rosemary  Vice President for Business Affairs  (UT Brownsville),  Brownsville, TX
Paredes, Raymund  Commissioner  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austrin, TX
Shine, Kenneth  Chancellor  (The University of Texas System),  Austin, TX
Silverman, Stacey  Interim Director, Academic Research & Grant Programs  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austin, TX
Zavaleta, Antonio  Vice President for Exterior Affairs  (UT Brownsville),  Brownsville, TX