International Relations & Trade
August 13, 2008 - 09:00 AM
Interim Charge #3
Aranda, Jose  County Judge  (Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments),  Eagle Pass, TX
Bearden, Jerry  Judge  (Texas Association of Regional Councils),  Mason, TX
Brisbin, Jake  Executive Director  (Rio Grande Council of Gov'ts),  El Paso, TX
Chatham, Donna  Executive Director  (Association of Rural Communities in Texas),  Austin, TX
DeBerry, Drew  Deputy Commissioner  (Texas Department of Agriculture),  Austin, TX
Doggett, Robert  Attorney  (Texas Low Income Housing Information Service),  Austin, TX
Dwyer, Donald  Chair  (District Export Council),  Waco, TX
Eschbach, Karl  State Demographer  (State of Texas Data Center),  San Antonio, TX
Gerber, Michael  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Gierisch, Bobby  Coordinator  (Texas Rural Innovators Forum),  Austin, TX
Heald, Shirley  Manager  (Texas District Export Councils),  Fort Worth, TX
Hull, Matt    (Habitat for Humanity of Texas),  Austin, TX
Jones, Kenneth  Executive Director  (Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council),  McAllen, TX
Jones, Patti  Commissioner  (Texas Association of Regional Councils),  Lubbock, TX
Kroll, John    (HRWK, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Loza, Moises  Executive Director  (Housing Assistance Council),  Washington, DC
McGuire, Ginger  Senior Vice President, Lancaster Pollard  (TALHFA),  Austin, TX
Redington, Penny  Executive Director  (Texas Association of Regional Councils),  Austin, TX
Schroeder, David  Executive Director  (Wharton Economic Development Corporation),  Wharton, TX
Stone, Charlie  Executive Director  (Office of Rural Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Temple, Larry  Executive Director  (Texas Workforce Commission),  Austin, TX
Tenorio, Sandra  Executive Director  (Texas Rural Communities, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Teran, Miguel  County Commissioner  (El Paso County),  El Paso, TX
Turney, Paul  Executive Vice President  (Brazos Valley Affordable Housing Corporation),  Bryan, TX
Velasquez, Sally  Gov. Affairs Liaison  (Willacy County),  Austin, TX
Williams, Ron  President  (Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies),  Austin, TX
Wood, Robert  Director, Local Gov't Assistance and Eco. Devo.  (Office of the Comptroller),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Flauto, Frank  Director, ACC  (District Export Council),  Austin, TX
Hall, Brenda  CEO  (Texas District Export Councils),  Georgetown, TX
Ogden, Daniel  2nd Vice Chair  (North Texas District Export Council),  Carrollton, TX
Providing written testimony:
Martinez, Mario    (The Brownsville Interagency Group),  Brownsville, TX