Government Organization
March 12, 2007 - 11:00 AM
SB  247
Lowenberg, Colin  Student  (White Rose Society at UT),  Austin, TX
Nyombayire, Stephanie  Student  (Self),  Austin, TX
Soifer, Jan  Lawyer  (Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Community Association of Austin),  Austin, TX
Steidle, Brian  Photographer  (Self),  Annapolis, MD
Sterling, Adam  Director  (Sudan Divestment Task Force),  Washington, DC
Wallace, Gretchen  Steidle    (Global Grassroots),  New York, NY
Wells, Jane I.  Advocate/Writer  (Three Generations),  New York, NY
Williams, Michael  Texas Railroad Commissioner  (Self),  Austin, TX
Fuelberg, Ann  Executive Director  (Employees Retirement System of Texas),  Austin, TX
Tull, Thomas    (ERS Investment Advisory Committee),  Plano, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Beer, Roni  Registered Nurse  (Self),  Austin, TX
Hrzic, Michael  Engineer  (Self),  Chicago, IL
Lake, Brendan    (Self),  Napa, CA
Levinsohn, Natasha  Student  (Sigma Delta Tau/White Rose Society at UT),  Austin, TX
Mathon, Emily  School Counselor  (Self),  Austin, TX
Mathon, Sunshine  Architect  (Self),  Austin, TX
Scull, Andrea  Producer/Graphic Artist  (Scullpower::Creative),  Austin, TX
Smith, Victoria    (Self),  San Antonio, TX
St. Denis, John  Student  (Self),  Austin, TX
Walker, Annette  Student  (Self),  San Marcos, TX
White, Kaiba  Research Associate  (Self),  Austin, TX
SB  393
Registering, but not testifying:
Sperry, Teri  Director  (True Courage Action Network),  Austin, TX
SB  470
Registering, but not testifying:
Gonzalez, Victor M.  Director of Innovation and Computer Technology Office  (Comptroller's Office),  Austin, TX
SB  608
Lawrence, Harry  Assistant District Attorney  (Harris County District Attorney's Office),  Houston, TX
Mattax, David  Assistant Attorney General  (Office of the Attorney General),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Pratte, Emily    (Texas Public Interest Research Group),  Austin, TX
Bartek, Skip  Deputy Executive Director  (TBPC),  Austin, TX
Gerber, Michael  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs),  Austin, TX
Laibovitz, Babette  Risk Assessment Manager  (State Auditors Office),  Austin, TX
Smith, Pamela  Attorney  (Comptroller of Public Accounts),  Austin, TX
SB  640
Bartlett, Alan  Foster Parent  (Self),  Robinson, TX
Christopher, Joseph  Sales Associate  (Self),  Dallas, TX
Schaefers, Nancy  President  (TxCARE),  Aubrey, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Barrera, Jacqueline  Student  (Northwest Vista College),  San Antonio, TX
Billings, Andrew  Sales Representative  (Northwest Vista College),  San Antonio, TX
Denton, Darlene  Retired Teacher  (TxCARE),  Gainsville, TX
Fralia, Martha  Treasurer  (TxCARE),  Ft. Worth, TX
Tripp, Amy  Advocacte  (Texans Care for Children),  Austin, TX
Emerson, Debra  Directory of Policy & Program, Child Protective Services  (Department of Family and Protective Services),  Austin, TX
SB  717
Registering, but not testifying:
Broussard, Earl  Landscape Architect  (American Society of Landscape Architects-Texas),  Austin, TX
Castillo, Yvonne  General Counsel  (Texas Society of Architects),  Austin, TX
Mathews, Mark  Landcape Architect  (Self),  Austin, TX

McWilliams, Dean  Consultant  (American Society of Landscape Architects-Texas),  Austin, TX
Reaves, Brandi  Landscape Architect  (American Society of Landscape Architects-Texas),  Dallas, TX