Government Organization
April 11, 2007 - 11:00 AM or upon adjournment
SB  917
Moreno, Ricardo    (Cedar Park VA Veterans),  Georgetown, TX
De Foor, Jimmy D.  County Veterans Service Officer  (Veterans County Service Officers Association of Texas),  Abilene, TX
Little, Morgan  Legislative Affairs Chair  (Texas Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve),  Dipping Springs, TX
Pogrant, Gary  Veteran Service Officer  (Taylor County),  Abilene, TX
Scheible, Hank  Denton County Veterans Officer  (County Service Officer Association of Texas),  Denton, TX
West, William    (American Legion Department of Texas),  Austin, TX
Wheeler, James P.  Veterans Service Officer  (President of County Veterans Service),  Denton, TX
Benerschinger, Charles  Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Brieden, John  Chair  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Kennedy, Kelly  Policy Analyst  (The Sunset Advisory Commission),  Austin, TX
McKinny, John  State Director  (Department of Labor - Veterans Employment and Training Services),  Austin, TX
Nier, James E.  Executive Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Overstreet, Gene  Chairman  (Texas Veterans Coalition),  Seguin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Braun, Donald    (Self),  Austin, TX
Copeland, Christian Adam    (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Dillon, C.M.    (Self),  Hutto, TX
Girouard, Cindy    (Disabled American Veterans),  Austin, TX
Girouard, Raymond    (Disabled American Veterans),  Austin, TX
Hawkins, Charles E.    (Disabled American Veterans Chapter 219),  Austin, TX
Hawkins, Rosemarie    (Disabled American Veterans Chapter 219),  Austin, TX
Lord, Fred    (Self),  Austin, TX
Magness, Tim    (Self),  Cedar Park, TX
Van Camp, John    (Disabled American Veterans),  Liberty Hull, TX
Wright, Billy  Disabled American Veterans Commander  (Disabled American Veterans Chapter 29),  Austin, TX
Hull, Erving    (Disabled American Veterans),  Austin, TX
Moore, Anthony  Veterans Counselor  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Morrison, Donald C.    (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Richman, Jim  Director  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Waco, TX