Government Organization
October 27, 2008 - 09:00 AM
Interim charge regarding criminal background checks.
Barboza, Ileana  Auditor  (State Auditor's Office),  Austin, TX
Gavin, David  Assistant Chief Administration  (Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
Kuntz, William "Bill"  Executive Director  (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation),  Austin, TX
Levin, Marc  Director of Center for Effective Justice  (Texas Public Policy Foundation),  Austin, TX
Montemayor, Cruz  Director of Human Resources  (Texas Veterans Commission),  Austin, TX
Wattles, Dan  Manager, Audit Research & Legislative Coordinator  (Texas State Auditor's Office),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Farris, Don  Manager  (Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
Lesko, Michael  Deputy Administrator  (Texas Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
Interim charge regarding implementation of legislation.
Chai, Chi Kit  Managing Director of Investments  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Fuelburg, Ann  Executive Director  (Employees Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Jung, Ronnie  Executive Director  (Teacher Retirement System),  Austin, TX
Interim charge regarding master-planned campus.
Johnson, Edward  Executive Director  (Texas Facilities Commission),  Austin, TX
Interim charge regarding open document formats.
Marcich, Marino  Managing Director  (ODF Alliance),  Washington, DC
Weir, Robert C.  ODF Architect  (IBM),  Westford, MA
Vogel, Peter S.  Chair, Judicial Committee on Information Technology  (Texas Supreme Court),  Dallas, TX
Breslin, William  IT Consulting  (International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners),  Houston, TX
Chapman, Gary  Professor  (UT Austin),  Austin, TX
Katopis, Chris  Lawyer  (The Initiative for Software Change),  Washington, DC
McKee, Stuart  National Technology Officer  (Microsoft),  Redmond, WA
Phillips, Gary L.  Senior Director, Standard Tools & Technologies  (Symantec),  Lake Mary, FL
Salone, Ginger  Deputy Executive Director for Service Delivery  (Texas Department of Information Resources),  Austin, TX