Public School Accountability, Select
June 16, 2008 - 12:00 PM
Panel 1:  Models of Accountability
Buinger, Gene  Supt. of Schools  (Hurst. Euless. Bedford ISD),  Bedford, TX
Christie, Kathy  Chief of Staff  (Education Commission of the States)
Haeberlen, Paul T.  President and Chief Operating Officer  (Education Resource Group)
Kugle, Cherry  Consultant  (Raise Your Hand Texas),  Austin, TX
Ratliff, Bill    (Raise Your Hand Texas),  Mt. Pleasant, TX
Whiteker, Mary Ann  Superintendent-Hudson ISD  (Self),  Lufkin, TX
Windham, Jim  Chairman  (Texas Institute for Education Reform),  Houston, TX
Public Testimony
Gamboa, Robert  Texas Lulac Education Chairman  (Texas LULAC),  Waco, TX
Graham, Lloyd  Graham-Supt. La Porte-Carl Leg Dept. Supt. GISD  (Greenville ISD-La Porte ISD),  Greenville, TX
Lain, Jackie  Associate Executive Director of Governmental Relations  (Texas Association of School Boards),  Austin, TX
Powers (Tim), Timothy M.  Assist. Supt.  (Wichita Falls I.S.D),  Wichita Falls, TX
Coats, Beverly  Form. classrm. teacher, Tit. I teacher, & Tit. I Facilitator  (Self),  Mesquite, TX
McCrary, Rita    (Self/parent of 3 elementary aged children),  Garland, TX
Vasquez, Dr. Carlos  FW ISD School Board Member, former Teacher Principal  (Myself),  Ft Worth, TX
Vermeersch, Mieke    (Mom of 12 year old boy and 10 year old girl),  Garland, TX
Brown, Dr. Harryette  Professor of English, Eastfield College  (Dallas Area Interfaith),  Garland, TX
Bryce, Cathy  Superintendent  (Highland Park ISD),  Dallas, TX
Citzman, Manfred  Parent  (Charter Schools),  Dallas, TX
Clayton, Nan  Educ. Chair League of Women Voters of TX  (LWV of TX),  Austin, TX
Fitzgerald, Shannon  Parent  (Dallas Area Interfaith),  Plano, TX
Gaffney, Patricia  Leader  (Allied Communities of Tarrant),  Fort Worth, TX
Gay, Shelondria  parent  (son),  Dallas, TX
Henderson, Janie  Leader  (Allied Communities of Tarrant),  Fort Worth, TX
Huckaby, Dr. M. Francyne  Assistant Professor  (Self),  Fort Worth, TX
James, Leslie  Asst. Superintendent  (Fort Worth ISD),  Fort Worth, TX
Kimery, Dr. M. Priscilla  District Testing and Accountability Coordinator  (Dallas Area Interfaith),  Plano, TX
Lewis, Johnny  Community Volunteer  (ACT/Near Southeast Weed and Seed),  FW, TX
Quinzi, Patty  Legislative Counsel  (Texas-American Federation of Teachers),  Austin, TX
Woolridge, Ruby  Counselor-Dunbar 6th Grade-FWISD  (Self),  ARL., TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Britt, Rev. Gerald  VP Pub. Policy and Prog. Dev. for Central Dallas Ministries  (Dallas Area Interfaith),  Dallas, TX
Providing written testimony:
McFarlin, Nita  retired teacher 40 years 6th grade AISD  (Self),  Arlington, TX