Oversight of Criminal Justice
October 1, 2008 - 10:00 AM
Texas Youth Commission and Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Bennink, Kimberley  Assistant. Ombudsman  (TYC- Office of the Independent Ombudsman)
Connolly, Michele    (LBB),  Austin, TX
Gadow, Dianne    (TYC),  Austin, TX
Guszak, Garron    (LBB),  Austin, TX
Gutierrez, Isela    (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition),  Austin, TX
Harrell, Will    (TYC- Office of the Independent Ombudsman),  Austin, TX
Hightower, Allen    (Correctional Managed Care),  Huntsville, TX
Ibanez, Diana    (Self),  San Antonio, TX
Jackson, Billy    (TYC),  Del Valle, TX
LaVallo, Richard    (Advocacy, Inc.),  Austin, TX
Linthicum, Lannette  Dr.  (TDCJ),  Huntsville, TX
Livingston, Brad    (Texas Department of Criminal Justice),  Huntsville, TX
Love, Cris    (TYC-OIG),  Austin, TX
Martinez, Mary Jane    (Self),  San Antonio, TX
McKiver, Eric    (Texas Youth Commission),  Round Rock, TX
Murray, Owen  Dr.  (UTMB),  Galveston, TX
Nedelkoff, Richard    (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Royal, Alfonso    (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Smith, James    (TYC),  Austin, TX
Spriggs, Vicki    (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission),  Austin, TX
Stong, Mary    (TYC),  Austin, TX
Toney, Bruce    (TYC-OIG),  Austin, TX
Townsend, Cheryln    (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
McNutt, David    (Correctional Managed Health Care Committee),  Huntsville, TX