Operation & Management of the Texas Youth Commission
April 12, 2007 - 01:30 PM or upon adjournment
Operation & Management of the Texas Youth Commission
Collier, Lisa    (State Auditor's Office),  Austin, TX
Deitch, Michele  Adjunct Professor  (Self),  Austin, TX
Keel, John    (State Auditor's Office),  Austin, TX
Kimbrough, Jay    (Texas Youth Commission),  College Station, TX
Marquart, James  Professor  (Self),  Richardson, TX
Martinez, Pablo  Professor  (Self),  Austin, TX
Moriauty, John  OIG  (Texas Department of Criminal Justice),  Austin, TX
Nichols, Eric    (Office of the Attorney General),  Austin, TX
Owens, Ed    (Texas Youth Commission),  Austin, TX
Slott, Nancy    (Texas Youth Commision),  Austin, TX
Toney, Bruce    (Texas Youth Commission - Office of Inspector General),  Austin, TX