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	Amend CSHB 3480 (house committee printing) as follows:                       

(1)  On page 2, line 16, strike "Subsections (d-1) and (f-1)" 	and substitute "Subsections (d-1), (d-2), and (f-1)".
	(2)  On page 3, line 3, strike "The" and substitute "Except 
as provided by Subsection (d-2) of this section, the".
	(3)  On page 3, line 9, between "violation" and "may", insert 
"of this Act".
	(4)  On page 3, line 11, between "investigation" and "to", 
insert "relating to an alleged violation of this Act".
	(5)  On page 3, between lines 12 and 13, insert the 
	(d-2)  If the Texas Department of Banking receives a 
complaint from the retirement system under Subsection (d) of this 
section that relates to a federally chartered financial 
institution, the Texas Department of Banking shall:
		(1)  refer the complaint to the appropriate federal 
regulatory agency; and
		(2)  notify the attorney general of the department's 
	(6)  On page 3, line 18, between "investigation" and "made", 
insert "or referral".