Amend CSSB 18 (Senate committee printing), in SECTION 4 of 
the bill, by striking amended Section 21.012(b), Property Code 
(page 5, lines 8 through 20), and substituting the following:
	(b)  The petition must:                                                        
		(1)  describe the property to be condemned;                                   
		(2)  state with specificity:                                           
			(A)  the public use [purpose] for which the entity 
intends to acquire [use] the property; and
			(B)  the reasons the property is necessary to that 
public use;      
		(3)  state the name of the owner of the property if the 
owner is known;     
		(4)  state that the entity and the property owner are 
unable to agree on the damages; [and]
		(5)  if applicable, state that the entity provided the 
property owner with the landowner's bill of rights statement in 
accordance with Section 21.0112; and
		(6)  state that the entity made a bona fide offer to 
acquire the property from the property owner voluntarily.