Amend CSSB 1929 (Senate committee printing) as follows:                      
	(1)  On page 5, lines 2-8, strike added subsections (a) and 
(b) and substitute the following:
	"(a)  An area that qualifies under this subchapter may be 
approved by the office as a media production development zone for a 
maximum of five years after the date the last qualified media 
production location was designated within the zone's  boundaries.
	(b)  A location may be designated as a qualified media  
production location, and may be eligible for the sales and use tax 
exemption as provided by Section 151.3415, Tax Code, for a  maximum 
of two years."

	(2)  On page 6, lines 43 and 44, between "chapter" and "if", 
insert "for a maximum of two years".