81R4013 JH-D
  By: Paxton H.C.R. No. 35
         WHEREAS, The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was implemented
  in 1998 as a means to organize postseason play in college football
  and to decide the sport's national championship; it is intended to
  showcase the nation's top teams in prestigious bowl games and to
  match the two finest teams in a national championship contest, but
  throughout the period it has been in existence, the BCS has fallen
  short of those goals time and again; and
         WHEREAS, At the heart of the system are the BCS standings that
  designate the top teams and ultimately determine the two that will
  battle for the national crown; these ratings are decided by a
  complex system that is mystifying to even the most ardent fans,
  combining six different computer rankings as well as polls of
  college coaches, sports reporters, and other authorities on the
  game; all too often, the outcome of this process has resulted in
  questionable bowl-game selections; and
         WHEREAS, In more than half of the 11 years that the BCS has
  been used to determine the national championship, controversy has
  surrounded the selection of the two title contenders, including
  well-documented incidents during the 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, and
  2007 seasons; and
         WHEREAS, The year 2008 saw a continuation of the BCS
  shortcomings, and these were especially harmful to teams from the
  Lone Star State; The University of Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech
  Red Raiders both finished the regular season with 11-1 records,
  equaling other top-rated teams in the nation, yet both were denied a
  shot at the national title because of the arcane BCS scoring system;
  when the ratings were tallied at the end of November, the University
  of Oklahoma, also 11-1, edged ahead of the two Texas teams by a
  miniscule margin; according to the Big 12 tie-breaking rules, this
  gave the Sooners the conference's South title, despite the fact
  that UT had beaten Oklahoma in their head-to-head matchup in
  October; ultimately, Oklahoma landed a spot in the national
  championship game while the Longhorns and Red Raiders had to settle
  for lesser postseason matchups; and
         WHEREAS, Texas Tech suffered further injustice because it was
  prevented from competing in one of the top-tier bowl games that are
  part of the BCS system, an outcome that resulted from a rule
  allowing only two schools from the same conference to compete in the
  BCS games; with Texas and Oklahoma claiming those spots, Texas Tech
  ended up in the non-BCS Cotton Bowl; and
         WHEREAS, Another Texas college team that was disappointed by
  the BCS system in the most recent college season was Texas Christian
  University, which posted an impressive 10-2 record and was rated
  11th in the nation, yet was relegated to the Poinsettia Bowl,
  another game outside the premier BCS events; and
         WHEREAS, Teams from other states were likewise snubbed by the
  flawed design of the Bowl Championship Series; the most striking
  examples are the University of Utah and Boise State University;
  both went undefeated in the 2008 regular season but were not given a
  spot in the national championship game because of the machinations
  of the BCS system; and
         WHEREAS, Numerous members of the sports media as well as
  other prominent figures have long promoted a postseason playoff as
  an alternative to the BCS system; though differing plans have been
  put forth, all of them place a greater emphasis on face-to-face
  matchups to crown a national champion, rather than relying on the
  vagaries of polls and computer ratings; such a design would bring
  college football into line with the other major sports on the
  college and professional level, nearly all of which employ a
  playoff system; further, the playoff format would introduce a
  greater degree of fairness than is found under the current system
  and result in compelling games that would thrill football fans
  throughout the nation; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 81st Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby respectfully urge the presidents of the public universities
  in Texas and the Big 12 Conference commissioner to work to promote
  the institution of a playoff system to decide the national
  championship in college football in place of the current Bowl
  Championship Series; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That the Texas secretary of state forward official
  copies of this resolution to the presidents of the public
  universities in Texas and to the Big 12 commissioner.