81R3144 BEF-F
  By: Hegar S.B. No. 691
  relating to the establishment of the Texas Invasive Species
  Coordinating Committee.
         SECTION 1.  Title 7, Government Code, is amended by adding
  Chapter 776 to read as follows:
         Sec. 776.001.  DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:
               (1)  "Committee" means the Texas Invasive Species
  Coordinating Committee.
               (2)  "Invasive species" means a species that is not
  native to an ecosystem and whose introduction to the ecosystem
  causes or is likely to cause economic harm, environmental harm, or
  harm to human health. Humans, domestic livestock, and non-harmful
  exotic organisms are not invasive species.
         Sec. 776.002.  MEMBER AGENCIES. (a) The member agencies of
  the committee are:
               (1)  the Department of Agriculture;
               (2)  the Parks and Wildlife Department;
               (3)  the State Soil and Water Conservation Board;
               (4)  the Texas AgriLife Extension Service;
               (5)  the Texas Forest Service;
               (6)  the Texas Water Development Board; and
               (7)  any other state agency added to the committee
  under Subsection (b).
         (b)  On the request of a state agency that has an interest in
  controlling invasive species, the member agencies listed in
  Subsections (a)(1)-(6) by unanimous agreement may add the agency to
  the committee.
         Sec. 776.003.  REPRESENTATIVES. (a) The committee is
  composed of one representative of each member agency. If an
  agency's representative is unable to attend a committee meeting or
  otherwise perform the representative's duties, the agency's
  alternate representative shall serve in the representative's
         (b)  The administrative head of each member agency:
               (1)  shall designate one individual to serve as the
  agency's representative on the committee and one individual to
  serve as alternate representative;
               (2)  may change the designated representative or
  alternate representative at will; and
               (3)  after designating or changing the representative
  or alternate representative, shall promptly notify the committee in
  writing of the name and position of the new representative or
  alternate representative.
         (c)  Service on the committee by a state officer or employee
  is an additional duty of the representative's office or employment.
         Sec. 776.004.  DUTIES. (a) The committee shall:
               (1)  serve as a catalyst for cooperation between state
  agencies in the area of invasive species control;
               (2)  facilitate governmental efforts, including
  efforts of local governments and special districts, to prevent and
  manage invasive species;
               (3)  make recommendations to state agencies regarding
  research, technology transfer, and management actions related to
  invasive species control;
               (4)  facilitate the exchange of information so that
  each member agency is informed of committee plans, recommendations,
  and proposals for research, education, and implementation of
  activities to:
                     (A)  prevent, detect, assess, monitor, contain,
  and control or eradicate invasive species; and
                     (B)  reduce environmental and economic threats
  and threats to human health from invasive species;
               (5)  provide a forum for developing coordinated
  interagency strategies and policies for invasive species control;
               (6)  provide technical information and input to
  regional and national invasive species control coordination
  efforts, including the National Invasive Species Management Plan;
               (7)  facilitate the review of committee technical
  decisions and work product by specialists and interested persons;
               (8)  report as needed to the governor, lieutenant
  governor, and speaker of the house of representatives on committee
  plans, work product, and accomplishments.
         (b)  Each member agency of the committee shall:
               (1)  coordinate the agency's invasive species control
  activities with the committee and relevant coordinating bodies,
  including the National Invasive Species Council;
               (2)  share with the committee the agency's technical
  expertise related to invasive species;
               (3)  advise the committee of known invasive species
  threats to natural and agricultural resources; and
               (4)  cooperate, to the extent allowed by law, in
  initiatives to obtain appropriations and grants for invasive
  species control.
         Sec. 776.005.  BYLAWS. (a) The committee shall adopt bylaws
  governing the committee's operations.
         (b)  The bylaws:
               (1)  must provide a procedure to periodically elect one
  representative as committee chair;
               (2)  must provide a procedure to call committee
               (3)  must require the committee to meet at least
  annually; and
               (4)  may provide for the creation of subcommittees and
  advisory committees.
         Sec. 776.006.  STAFF; ATTACHMENT. (a) The committee is
  administratively attached to the State Soil and Water Conservation
         (b)  The State Soil and Water Conservation Board shall
  provide one full-time equivalent employee to serve as committee
         Sec. 776.007.  SUNSET PROVISION. (a) The committee is
  subject to Chapter 325 (Texas Sunset Act). Unless continued in
  existence as provided by that chapter, the committee is abolished
  and this chapter expires September 1, 2013.
         (b)  To the extent that Chapter 325 (Texas Sunset Act) places
  a duty on a state agency subject to review under that chapter, the
  State Soil and Water Conservation Board shall perform the duty as it
  relates to the committee.
         SECTION 2.  Not later than November 1, 2009, the
  administrative head of each member agency of the Texas Invasive
  Species Coordinating Committee shall designate the agency's
  initial representative and alternate representative as provided by
  Section 776.003, Government Code, as added by this Act.
         SECTION 3.  Not later than February 1, 2010, the Texas
  Invasive Species Coordinating Committee shall hold its first
  meeting and adopt bylaws as required by Section 776.005, Government
  Code, as added by this Act.
         SECTION 4.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2009.