81R37356 YDB-D
  By: Hinojosa S.R. No. 1071
         BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Texas, 81st
  Legislature, Regular Session, 2009, That Senate Rule 12.03 be
  suspended in part as provided by Senate Rule 12.08 to enable the
  conference committee appointed to resolve the differences on House
  Bill 2571 (the licensing and regulation of towing companies and
  vehicle storage facilities) to consider and take action on the
  following matters:
         (1)  Senate Rule 12.03(2) is suspended to permit the
  committee to omit text not in disagreement in proposed Section
  2303.155(h), Occupations Code, to read as follows:
         (h)  The operator of a vehicle storage facility or
  governmental vehicle storage facility may not charge a fee under
  Subsection (b) to the owner of a vehicle stored or parked at the
  facility as a result of recovery of the vehicle after being stolen
  if the vehicle owner provides the operator with a copy of the police
  report or similar report prepared by any law enforcement agency
  showing that the vehicle was reported stolen.
         Explanation: This change is necessary to remove the
  prohibition on certain fees.
         (2)  Senate Rule 12.03(4) is suspended to permit the
  committee to add text not included in either the house or senate
  version of the bill by adding amended Section 2308.208, Occupations
  Code, to read as follows:
         SECTION 8.  Section 2308.208, Occupations Code, is amended
  to read as follows:
  UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES. The governing body of a [A] municipality or
  the commissioners court of a county may adopt an ordinance that is
  identical to this chapter or that imposes additional requirements
  that exceed the minimum standards of this chapter but may not adopt
  an ordinance conflicting with this chapter.
         Explanation: This change is necessary to authorize counties
  to adopt ordinances regulating unauthorized vehicles and towing of
  motor vehicles.