Regular Order of Business for 3/31/2009



March 31, 2009


(Calendar Order)


(Second Reading)

SJR 19 Williams

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to appropriations for the preservation and perpetuation of certain items of historical value; allowing the legislature and state agencies to accept on behalf of the state gifts of items of historical value and contributions to purchase such items.

SJR 11 West

Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the governor to grant a pardon to a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication community supervision.

SJR 35 Duncan/ Shapiro

Proposing a constitutional amendment establishing the national research university fund to enable emerging research universities in this state to achieve national prominence as major research universities and transferring the balance of the higher education fund to the national research university fund.


(Second Reading)

SCR 33 Jackson, Mike

Granting Betty Bardwell permission to sue the State of Texas, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and the Office of the Attorney General.

SCR 22 (CS) (LC)Lucio/ Shapleigh/ Van de Putte

Urging the Congress to reopen consideration of this case to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to World War I Hero Marcelino Serna.

SCR 38 (LC)Hinojosa

Memorializing Congress to restore the presumption of a service connection for Agent Orange exposure to veterans who served on the inland waterways, territorial waters, and in the airspace of the Republic of Vietnam.

SCR 5 (CS) (LC)Averitt

Designating the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial on the campus of Hill College in Hillsboro as the official State Memorial to Texas-Born Medal of Honor Recipients.


(Third Reading)

SB 315 Wentworth

Relating to the reapportionment of congressional districts and the creation, function, and duties of the Texas Congressional Redistricting Commission.

SB 298 (CS)Carona/ et al.

Relating to the authority of the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas and certain local law enforcement agencies to establish a checkpoint on a highway or street to determine whether persons are driving while intoxicated.


(Second Reading)

SB 621 Williams

Relating to the creation, purpose, implementation, and funding of the County Park Beautification and Improvement Program.

SB 401 (CS)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to eligibility for the small and mid-sized district adjustment under the public school finance system.

SB 521 (CS) (LC)Averitt

Relating to the Texas Department of Transportation's memorial sign program.

SB 461 (LC)Gallegos

Relating to eligibility to take the entrance examination for a beginning position in the fire department.

SB 522 (LC)Averitt/ et al.

Relating to the use of personal leave by a public school employee.

SB 398 (CS)Seliger

Relating to professional staff salaries paid by school districts that establish a local minimum hiring schedule.

SB 741 (LC)Nichols

Relating to jurisdiction over a wage claim filed after the deadline.

SB 87 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to adverse licensing, listing, or registration decisions by certain health and human services agencies.

SB 277 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the Department of Family and Protective Services, including protective services and investigations of alleged abuse, neglect, or exploitation for certain adults who are elderly or disabled; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 345 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to screening health care personnel of home and community support services agencies for tuberculosis.

SB 346 (CS) (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to information submitted to and maintained in the immunization registry after an individual becomes an adult.

SB 479 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to requiring the Department of State Health Services to implement a provider choice system.

SB 833 (LC)Carona

Relating to the accrual of vacation and sick leave for certain state employees on a military leave of absence.

SB 1001 (LC)Deuell

Relating to the continuation and operation of the office of public insurance counsel.

SB 1003 Deuell

Relating to the abolishment of the Office of State-Federal Relations as an independent agency and the transfer of the duties and functions of that agency to the office of the governor.

SB 1004 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the continuation and functions of the board of directors of the official cotton growers' boll weevil eradication foundation.

SB 500 (CS) (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the powers, duties, and financing of cultural education facilities finance corporations.

SB 529 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the sale and use of certain alcoholic beverages manufactured by holders of a winery permit.

SB 711 (LC)Nelson

Relating to creating a winery festival permit.

SB 507 (LC)Eltife

Relating to filing a wage claim.

SB 764 (LC)Watson/ Hinojosa

Relating to the right of certain municipalities to maintain local control over wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.

SB 223 (LC)West

Relating to allowing a person who successfully completes a term of deferred adjudication community supervision to be eligible for a pardon.

SB 554 (LC)Whitmire

Relating to conduct constituting the offense of dog fighting and to the criminal and civil consequences of committing that offense.

SB 839 (CS) (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the punishment for a capital felony committed by a juvenile whose case is transferred to criminal court.

SB 82 (LC)Nelson

Relating to a fee imposed as a condition of community supervision for an offense involving family violence.

SB 491 (LC)West/ Hinojosa/ Shapleigh

Relating to consideration of family violence in the risk assessment for international parental abduction of a child.

SB 518 (LC)Harris

Relating to providing access to certain information relating to the discretionary transfer of a child from a juvenile court to a criminal court.

SB 658 (LC)Eltife

Relating to the creation of an appellate judicial system for the Sixth Court of Appeals District.

SB 659 (LC)Eltife

Relating to the creation of an appellate judicial system for the Twelfth Court of Appeals District.

SB 742 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the qualifications to serve as an associate judge or visiting associate judge in certain family law proceedings.

SB 780 (LC)Watson/ Davis, Wendy/ Ellis/ Gallegos/ Harris/ et al.

Relating to disclosure of the individual vote of each member of the Supreme Court of Texas on a petition for review.

SB 812 (LC)Hegar

Relating to reimbursement of expenses incurred by court reporters for the 506th Judicial District.

SB 596 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the name of Stephen F. Austin State University.

SB 252 (LC)Estes/ et al.

Relating to the authority of a municipality with a population of less than 10,000 to enter into an agreement with an owner of real property in or adjacent to an area in the municipality that has been approved for funding under certain revitalization or redevelopment programs to prohibit ad valorem tax increases on the owner's property for a limited period.

SB 83 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to a right to vacate and avoid residential lease liability following the occurrence of certain sex offenses or domestic violence; providing a penalty.

SB 408 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the jurisdiction of and appeals from certain courts.

SB 432 (CS) (LC)Wentworth

Relating to liability for failure to comply with a child support lien, court order, or notice of levy.

SB 368 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the denial, suspension, or revocation of a motor vehicle inspection station certificate or an inspector certificate.

SB 384 (LC)Carona

Relating to the promotion of toll projects by the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 448 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the authority of the Texas Department of Transportation to mitigate adverse environmental impacts resulting from the construction, improvement, or maintenance of state highways or state highway facilities.

SB 502 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the authority of the Texas Department of Transportation, counties, and certain toll project entities and regional mobility authorities to enter into funding agreements to expedite the entity's environmental review duties related to certain transportation projects.

SB 520 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the requirement that certain applicants for a vehicle dealer general distinguishing number complete a dealer education course.

SB 543 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to certain possessory liens.

SB 617 (LC)Shapleigh/ et al.

Relating to requiring a retail seller of motor vehicle tires to render certain tires unusable; providing a civil penalty.

SB 635 (CS) (LC)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to certain requirements for school bus emergency evacuation training.

SB 713 (CS) (LC)Carona/ et al.

Relating to a prohibition on the disclosure and use of certain information recorded or collected by a transponder used to electronically assess or collect a toll.

SB 417 (LC)Carona

Relating to the purchase of a retired firearm from the Parks and Wildlife Department by a game warden.

SB 637 (LC)Hegar

Relating to the creation of the Wharton County Drainage District.

SB 663 (LC)Averitt

Relating to the dissolution of the Tablerock Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 715 (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the North Texas Municipal Water District.

SB 799 (LC)Williams

Relating to the powers and duties of the Plum Creek Fresh Water Supply District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting the power of eminent domain.

SB 547 (CS) (LC)Eltife

Relating to transition to competition in the Southwestern Electric Power Company service area.

SB 776 (CS) (LC)Averitt

Relating to regulating the collection or solicitation of donated goods subsequently sold by for-profit entities or individuals; providing a civil penalty.

SB 802 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the requirements for a plumber's apprentice to obtain a plumber's license.

SB 519 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the termination of the parent-child relationship and the duty to pay child support in circumstances involving mistaken paternity.

SB 684 (CS)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Rural Development Fund and to the establishment, operation, and funding of certain programs for rural economic development.

SB 68 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to licensing and inspection requirements of the Department of Family and Protective Services for certain facilities and homes providing child care; providing penalties.

SB 705 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the Medicaid consolidated waiver program and other Medicaid long-term care waiver programs.

SB 806 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the imposition of a disciplinary action on a licensed nursing facility administrator; providing a penalty.

SB 870 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the duties of the interagency obesity council and the Department of Agriculture relating to health, wellness, and prevention of obesity.

SB 431 (CS) (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the enforcement of unpaid child support.

SB 478 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to personal information contained in certain decrees and orders in family law proceedings.

SB 480 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the authority of the Texas Transportation Commission to enter into a covenant for environmental remediation of real property owned by the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 702 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the regulation of the towing and storage of vehicles.

SB 43 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to tuition and fee exemptions at public institutions of higher education for students who have been in foster care or certain other residential care.

SB 48 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the offense of hazing.

SB 194 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to a prohibition against certain activities by a person employed in the financial aid office of a public institution of higher education.

SB 305 (LC)Shapleigh/ et al.

Relating to an online list of work-study employment opportunities available to students at a public institution of higher education.

SB 811 (LC)Duncan

Relating to authorizing the board of regents of the Texas Tech University System to transfer the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts to a nonprofit organization to operate the museum.

SB 847 (LC)Averitt

Relating to applicability of fee exemptions for military personnel and their children to certain course fees charged by public technical institutes and public state colleges.

SB 948 (LC)Estes

Relating to the definition of an agricultural business for the purposes of the Texas Agricultural Finance Authority.

SB 859 (LC)Seliger

Relating to initial claims under the unemployment compensation system.

SB 1033 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the purposes and powers of the Temple Health and Bioscience Economic Development District.

SB 1247 (LC)Harris

Relating to the definition of eligible central municipality for purposes of the municipal hotel occupancy tax.

SB 1005 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the regulation of polygraph examiners by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the abolition of the Polygraph Examiners Board.

SB 1149 (CS) (LC)Hegar/ Huffman

Relating to authorizing the Texas Board of Criminal Justice to sell certain real property for municipal airport expansion.

SB 786 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the protection of children from abuse and neglect.

SB 788 (LC)Nelson

Relating to reporting child abuse or neglect.

SB 1332 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the placement of certain children who are in the managing conservatorship of the state.

SB 80 (LC)Nelson

Relating to employer contributions under small employer health benefit plans.

SB 698 (LC)Ellis

Relating to the establishment of a registry at the Texas Department of Insurance of certain legal entities determined to have sold race-based insurance coverage.

SB 828 (LC)Whitmire

Relating to a determination of value for purposes of punishment of the offense of abuse of official capacity.

SB 927 (LC)Huffman

Relating to tampering with a direct recording electronic voting machine.

SB 1081 (LC)Huffman

Relating to access to criminal history record information by the office of the attorney general.

SB 1119 Hinojosa

Relating to the recovery of medical or health care expenses in civil actions.

SB 1142 (LC)Carona

Relating to the authority with whom campaign finance reports must be filed in connection with a judicial district office filled by the voters of only one county.

SB 1143 (LC)Carona

Relating to requirements regarding employer liability for certain group health benefit plan premiums.

SB 197 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the expansion of the financial literacy pilot program in public schools.

SB 199 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to providing training in personal financial literacy instruction for public school teachers.

SB 1140 (LC)Shapiro/ et al.

Relating to the eligibility of certain teachers to serve on the board of directors of a regional education service center.

SB 1364 Shapiro

Relating to minimum public school attendance for class credit or a grade.

SB 803 (LC)Lucio

Relating to meetings of the Coastal Coordination Council.

SB 1047 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the procurement methods authorized for public projects by a combined municipally owned electric, water, and wastewater utility situated in an economically distressed area within 30 miles of the Lower Texas Gulf Coast.

SB 1526 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to financial and status reporting requirements for the Border Health Institute.

SB 848 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the election, and validation of acts, of members of the board of directors of Anderson County Underground Water Conservation District.

SB 914 (LC)Williams

Relating to the powers and duties of the Liberty Lakes Fresh Water Supply District No. 1; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting the power of eminent domain.

SB 941 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to contracts by governmental entities for professional services relating to geoscience.

SB 111 (LC)Ellis

Relating to suspension of the unemployment compensation waiting period requirement during a disaster subject to a federal disaster declaration.

SB 1219 (CS) (LC)Averitt

Relating to a parenting and paternity awareness component of the health curriculum used in public high schools.

SB 451 (CS)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to staff development requirements in public schools.

SB 843 (LC)Uresti/ et al.

Relating to protective orders issued against a third party to prevent family or dating violence.

SB 605 (CS) (LC)Deuell/ et al.

Relating to incentives for the film, television, video, and digital interactive media production industries.

SB 313 (CS) (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the term of a reinvestment zone and to the assessment and payment of tax increments under the Tax Increment Financing Act.

SB 768 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to exemptions from the Texas Structural Pest Control Act; providing penalties.

SB 76 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to authorizing a children's health benefit plan for certain small employers.

SB 78 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to promoting awareness and education about the purchase and availability of health coverage.

SB 79 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to specialty certification for insurance agents serving certain employer groups.

SB 92 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of a program to provide a ballot by electronic mail to military personnel serving overseas and their spouses and dependents residing overseas.

SB 182 (CS)Patrick, Dan/ et al.

Relating to informed consent to an abortion.

SB 482 (LC)Ellis/ Shapiro/ et al.

Relating to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

SB 747 (CS)Carona

Relating to notice of a hospital lien.

SB 762 (CS) (LC)Watson

Relating to a study concerning the minimum participation requirement for small employer health benefit plans.

SB 779 (CS) (LC)Watson

Relating to expedited credentialing for certain individual health care providers providing services under a managed care plan.

SB 888 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to establishing a pill splitting program to reduce health plan costs for certain public employees.

SB 957 (LC)Watson

Relating to the ability of a county, public hospital, or hospital district to purchase or arrange for the purchase of certain health coverage or benefits for eligible residents.

SB 964 (CS) (LC)Ellis

Relating to requirements for insurers and insurance agents that sell Medicare-related products.

SB 972 (CS) (LC)Averitt/ et al.

Relating to small and large employer health group cooperatives.

SB 1111 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to the liability of and legal fees for a court-appointed trustee of certain facilities.

SB 1134 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to the authority for certain high school students to serve as election clerks.

SB 257 (CS) (LC)Estes

Relating to the sale or delivery of salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A to a child; providing a penalty.

SB 269 (LC)Harris

Relating to use of electronically readable information on a driver's license or personal identification certificate in connection with the over-the-counter sale of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or norpseudoephedrine; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 709 (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to activity that constitutes maintaining a common nuisance.

SB 729 (LC)Hegar

Relating to creating a defense to prosecution for the offense of unlawful carrying of a handgun by a license holder on the premises of certain businesses.

SB 777 (CS) (LC)Ogden

Relating to statistical information on the prosecution of certain offenses relating to the operating of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

SB 808 (LC)Whitmire

Relating to allowing certain claimants to file an application under the Crime Victims' Compensation Act.

SB 809 (LC)Whitmire

Relating to the issuance of an occupational license to certain applicants with criminal convictions.

SB 1278 Huffman/ Deuell

Relating to the authority of a judge to suspend the imposition of a sentence and place a defendant on community supervision.

SB 1085 (CS) (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to a report to the legislature and the Legislative Budget Board regarding funding for campuses of public institutions of higher education located outside the United States.

SB 1368 (CS) (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the creation of a county ethics commission in certain counties; providing civil and criminal penalties.

SB 778 (CS) (LC)Watson

Relating to the licensing and regulation of identity recovery service contract providers and the inclusion of identity recovery service agreements in certain service contracts and vehicle protection products; providing penalties.

SB 1034 (CS) (LC)Fraser

Relating to allowing the governing bodies of certain municipalities to order a local option election relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

SB 1354 (CS) (LC)Jackson, Mike

Relating to the licensing and regulation of plumbers.

SB 237 (CS)West

Relating to certain procedures and requirements for the operation of property owners' associations.

SB 238 (CS)West

Relating to the availability of a property owners' association's books and records.

SB 240 (CS)West

Relating to the enforcement of deed restrictions.

SB 241 West

Relating to procedures required for the foreclosure of a property owners' association's assessment lien.

SB 361 (CS) (LC)Patrick, Dan/ et al.

Relating to the requirement that certain water service providers ensure emergency operations during an extended power outage.

SB 490 (LC)West

Relating to money paid into the registry of a court in certain counties.

SB 575 (LC)Davis, Wendy/ et al.

Relating to the time for dissolution of crime control and prevention districts.

SB 874 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the exemption of certain counties from the drainage charge imposed by a municipal drainage utility system.

SB 959 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax for the maintenance and operation of a coliseum in the county.

SB 1021 (LC)Gallegos

Relating to a prohibition on parking a commercial motor vehicle in certain residential subdivisions.

SB 1398 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to the requirement by a municipality of a license or permit to occupy or lease a dwelling unit.

SB 1522 (CS) (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the exemption of certain school districts from the drainage charge imposed by a municipal drainage utility system.

SB 1048 Uresti

Relating to requiring dental support for a child subject to a child support order.

SB 1053 (LC)Uresti

Relating to the appointment or removal of guardians of incapacitated persons.

SB 1055 (LC)Uresti

Relating to reporting and application requirements regarding certain public and private guardians.

SB 1056 (LC)Uresti

Relating to authorizing a criminal justice agency to disclose certain criminal history record information to the Guardianship Certification Board and offices of the county clerk.

SB 1066 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to posttrial psychological counseling for jurors in a criminal trial or juvenile adjudication hearing involving graphic evidence or testimony.

SB 1067 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the composition of the jury in certain adjudication hearings in juvenile court.

SB 1369 (LC)Lucio

Relating to the appointment of attorneys ad litem.

SB 1575 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to the random assignment of criminal and civil cases in district courts in Hidalgo County.

SB 98 (CS)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to establishing a health science center and medical school in South Texas.

SB 344 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the establishment of an advisory committee to study the acceptance at farmers markets of food stamps and benefits under the women, infants, and children supplemental food program.

SB 1259 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to the storage of records by the clerks of the supreme court and the courts of appeals.

SB 707 (CS) (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to requiring a sexually oriented business to maintain certain photographic identification records; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 866 (CS) (LC)Harris

Relating to the rights and liabilities of the parties in a suit for dissolution of a marriage and certain post-dissolution proceedings.

SB 915 (CS) (LC)Ellis/ Duncan/ et al.

Relating to a qualified privilege of a journalist not to testify.

SB 1057 (CS) (LC)Uresti

Relating to criminal history record information relating to persons who are certified to provide guardianship services.

SB 1080 (CS) (LC)Jackson, Mike

Relating to compliance with federal occupational safety and health standards in environmental enforcement.

SB 1121 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to the retrieval and waste of game birds, game animals, and fish; providing a penalty.

SB 1122 (CS) (LC)Hegar

Relating to the requirement to keep records of game bird or animal carcasses placed in a cold storage or processing facility.

SB 1075 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to the absence of a student from public school to visit with a parent or guardian who has been or will be deployed to a combat zone.

SB 1408 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to compensation and employment benefits for members of the Texas State Guard called to state active duty.

SB 493 (CS) (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to benefits and services for children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

SB 571 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to a crematory establishment's authority to accept for cremation unidentified human remains.

SB 791 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the certified nurse aide registry and the regulation of certified nurse aides by the Texas Board of Nursing.

SB 796 (CS)Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to the provision and evaluation of comprehensive substance abuse treatment under the state Medicaid program.

SB 887 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the licensing and regulation of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratories; providing penalties.

SB 1082 (LC)Huffman

Relating to the storage, maintenance, and distribution of mammography medical records.

SB 1083 (CS) (LC)Huffman

Relating to access to certain confidential patient information within the Department of State Health Services.

SB 1129 (LC)Nichols

Relating to membership on and reporting requirements of the child fatality review team committee.

SB 338 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to requirements for businesses that offer plastic checkout bags to customers; providing civil and administrative penalties.

SB 67 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the imposition of background and criminal history check requirements for operators and employees of certain facilities and agencies serving children, the elderly, or persons who are disabled; providing criminal penalties.

SB 69 (CS)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to child protective services.

SB 790 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to clinical practice hours available for professional nursing educational programs at certain hospitals.

SB 821 (CS) (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the regulation of medical radiologic technology.

SB 1091 (CS) (LC)Ellis/ Duncan

Relating to the establishment of the capital writs committee and the office of capital writs and to the appointment and compensation of certain counsel for indigent defendants in a capital case.

SB 1537 (CS) (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to tuition and fee exemptions at public institutions of higher education for certain military personnel and their dependents and for the spouses and children of certain deceased and missing military personnel.

SB 940 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the regulation of the public practice of geoscience.

SB 1209 (CS) (LC)Fraser

Relating to the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

SB 1253 (LC)Seliger

Relating to the repeal of the power of certain districts and water supply corporations to allow the use of right-of-way easements for certain energy-related purposes.

SB 404 (CS)Carona

Relating to the authority of certain toll project entities to enter into a comprehensive development agreement.

SB 375 (CS) (LC)Carona

Relating to the release of certain motor vehicle accident report information.

SB 898 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the purposes and designation of a municipal transportation reinvestment zone.

SB 1 (CS)Ogden

General Appropriations Bill.

SB 359 (CS) (LC)Patrick, Dan

Relating to punishment for certain offenses committed in a disaster area or an evacuated area.

SB 534 (CS) (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the El Paso County Hospital District.

SB 968 (CS) (LC)West

Relating to interactive water features and fountains.

SB 562 (LC)Jackson, Mike

Relating to the inclusion on the exterior of an ad valorem tax bill of a statement directing the United States Postal Service to return the bill if it is not deliverable as addressed.

SB 638 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the collateralization of certain public funds; providing administrative penalties.

SB 792 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the imposition of the sales and use tax by certain crime control and prevention districts and fire control, prevention, and emergency medical services districts.

SB 995 Averitt

Relating to imposition of the motor vehicle sales tax on motor vehicles transferred as the result of a gift.

SB 997 (LC)Duncan

Relating to the administration of and exemptions from the gas production tax.

SB 1199 (LC)Ogden

Relating to refunds of and credits for certain sales and use taxes paid by certain exempt organizations.

SB 1495 (LC)Williams

Relating to the taxation of motor fuels.

SB 1040 (LC)Duncan/ et al.

Relating to the board of directors of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority.

SB 1190 Duncan/ Averitt/ Seliger

Relating to the enforcement of rules by a groundwater conservation district.

SB 1238 Ogden

Relating to a study regarding the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer.

SB 1386 (LC)Seliger

Relating to priority groundwater management areas.

SB 1541 (LC)Gallegos

Relating to measuring, monitoring, and reporting emissions.

SB 1658 (LC)Averitt

Relating to an increase in the fee for natural gas pipeline safety inspections.

SB 1755 (LC)Fraser

Relating to the election of directors of the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District.

SB 1850 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the establishment of a home- and community-based services workforce council.

SB 17 (CS)Nichols/ Carona/ Nelson/ Patrick, Dan/ Shapiro

Relating to the design, development, financing, construction, and operation of certain toll projects.

SB 161 (LC)Ellis

Relating to specialty license plates supporting the Safe Routes to School Program.

SB 970 Seliger

Relating to the qualifications required of the executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 971 (LC)Seliger

Relating to an interlocal contract for a relief highway route around certain municipalities.

SB 1107 (LC)Shapiro

Relating to the requirement that driver education curriculum include information regarding distractions while driving.

SB 1218 (LC)Averitt

Relating to the collection of data by the Texas Department of Transportation regarding bridge collapses.

SB 1282 (LC)Williams

Relating to the powers of certain freight rail districts.

SB 1283 (LC)Williams

Relating to the supervision by the Texas Department of Transportation of money appropriated by the federal government for the construction and maintenance of rail facilities.

SB 1357 (LC)Lucio

Relating to a joint statement relating to the transfer of a motor vehicle as the result of a gift.

SB 1426 (LC)Williams

Relating to the installation, operation, and maintenance of automatic license plate identification cameras on a highway.

SB 1614 (LC)Wentworth

Relating to the requirement that certain orders closing, abandoning, or vacating a county road be filed and indexed in the deed records of the county where the road is located.

SB 1670 (LC)Nichols

Relating to the transfer of certain state property from the Texas Department of Transportation to Polk County.

SB 1827 (LC)Huffman

Relating to the private disposition of used motor vehicles at certain auto auctions conducted by independent motor vehicle dealers.

SB 283 (CS) (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to the membership and activities of local school health advisory councils.

SB 669 (LC)Shapleigh

Relating to the availability of online testing for high school equivalency examinations.

SB 891 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to the public school physical education curriculum.

SB 939 (CS) (LC)Watson

Relating to the capability of the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) to provide information regarding public school students placed in foster care.

SB 1290 (LC)Van de Putte

Relating to authorization for school districts to provide mentors for teachers assigned to a new subject or grade level.

SB 1310 (CS) (LC)Duncan

Relating to a program allowing for countywide voting locations in certain elections.

SB 1650 (LC)Duncan

Relating to appeals in cases arising under the Federal Arbitration Act.

SB 1651 (LC)Duncan

Relating to state indemnification and defense of certain judges and certain judicial appointees.