State Affairs
2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
JHR 140
Rep. Burt Solomons
HB 5
Crownover | et al.
Relating to the elimination of smoking in all workplaces and public places; providing penalties.
HB 970
Lucio III | et al.
Relating to considering ownership interests of disabled persons in determining whether a business is a historically underutilized business for purposes of state contracting.
HB 1543
Callegari | et al.
Relating to the criteria for review by the Sunset Advisory Commission of an agency that licenses an occupation.
HB 2670
Thibaut | et al.
Relating to governmental liability for interest resulting from a claim for payment for goods or services.
HB 3431
Relating to the transfer of the powers, duties, and programs of the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and to the establishment of certain other programs and divisions within the department.
HB 3631
Relating to compensation of certain state employees.
HB 3691
Relating to shipping coordination services for state agencies.
HB 3782
Relating to disclosure by certain municipalities and counties regarding participation of financial services firms and consultancies that are historically underutilized businesses.
HB 3842
Relating to the duties of a municipally owned electric utility when operating outside the municipality.
HB 3943
Howard, Charlie
Relating to the requirement to post notice of the subject of a meeting under the open meetings law as the requirement relates to reports about items of community interest at a city council meeting.
HB 4107
Relating to exempting electric cooperatives and their subsidiaries that store natural gas underground and offer or provide gas storage services to the public for hire from status as a gas utility, public utility, common carrier, or common purchaser.
HB 4140
Relating to a bulk data request for information under the public information law.
HCR 119
Designating the Panhandle Region of Texas as an official Natural Renewable Resource Area.

HJR 119
Proposing a constitutional amendment providing that a member of the legislature automatically vacates the office held on announcing a candidacy or becoming a candidate for another elective office when the unexpired portion of the member's term of office exceeds one year and providing that a person who holds another office is not eligible to serve in the legislature during the term of the office held unless the person resigned that office on announcing a candidacy or becoming a candidate for the legislature.