SB  643
Senate Committee Report
Health & Human Services
February  24, 2009 - 9:00 AM
Clark, Todd  Attorney  (Walsh, Anderson, Brown, Aldridge, and Gallegos, P.C. for Mexia I.S.D.),  Austin, TX
Payne, Susan  Vice President  (Part Association for the Retarded of Texas),  College Station, TX
Rider, Kathy  Chair - Governmental Affairs  (Texas Society for Clinical Social Work),  Austin, TX
Snyder, Ruth  (Self),  Austin, TX
Yeaman, Karen  Parent/Advocate  (Individuals in State Schools),  San Antonio, TX
Branson, James  Lead Organizer/Coordinator  (Texas State Employees Union),  Austin, TX
Ceyanes, Jason  Superintendent (also providing written testimony)  (Mexia Independent School District),  Mexia, TX
Osobase, Derrick  Legislative Director  (Texas State Employees Union),  Austin, TX
Searight, Charleen  (Self),  Austin, TX
Searight, Sarah  (Sister at Austin State School),  Austin, TX
Wright, Shannon  Teacher  (Mexia Independent School District),  Mexia, TX
Boatright, Clay  Board Member  (Self; and The Arc of Texas),  Plano, TX
Corbett, Garth  Attorney  (Advocacy Inc.),  Austin, TX
Horn, Adelaide  Commissioner  (Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX
Horton, Colleen  Public Policy Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Center for Disability Studies, The University of Texas),  Austin, TX
Spiller, Lee  Director of Investigations  (Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Texas),  Austin, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Salinas, Kristina  Regional Coordinator  (Texans Care for Children),  Austin, TX
Adams, Chris  Director of Survey Operations, Regulatory Services  (Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX
Bevers, Bart  Inspector General  (Office of Inspector General - Health and Human Services Commission),  Austin, TX
Farris, Don  Manager  (Texas Department of Public Safety),  Austin, TX
Norris, Mike  Director of Statewide Intake  (Department of Family and Protective Services),  Austin, TX
Parrish, Linda  Regents Professor Emeritus/Research  (Center on Disability and Development; Texas A&M University),  College Station, TX
Perry, Peggy  Assistant Director of State Hospital Section  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Urban, Karl  Assistant Commissioner - Adult Protective Services  (Department of Family and Protective Services),  Austin, TX
Waller, Barry  Assistant Commissioner, Provider Services  (Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX