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SB  1958
Senate Committee Report
Government Organization
April  6, 2009 - 9:00 AM
Blankinchip, Marvin W.  Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Retired)  (American GI Forum/ MVOP),  San Antonio, TX
Golden, Ronald  Case manager  (American G.I. Forum/ National Vet. Outreach),  San Antonio, TX
Martinez, Carlos  President & CEO (also providing written testimony)  (American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Prog.),  San Antonio, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Herrera, Paul C.  Texas State Commander  (American G.I. Forum of Texas),  Austin, TX
Flores, Robert  Govt. Affairs  (Am GI Forum),  San Antonio, TX
Leija, Ignacio  V.P. Services Operation  (American G.I. Forum NVOP),  San Antonio, TX
Sanchez, Anthony  Director of Planning & Development  (American G.I. Forum- National Veterans Outreach Pgm.),  San Antonio, TX
Suarez, Yolanda  Senior V.P.  (American G.I. Forum NVOP),  San Antonio, TX