Appropriations Committee
April  6, 2009 - 8:00 AM
HB  1303 - Committee Substitute  (Pitts)
Carty, Christy  (Self)
Hurst, Amanda  (Self)
Jones, Chris (Combined Law Enforcement Assn's of Texas (CLEAT)
& Houston Police Officers Union (HPON)
Flores, Peter (TPWD LE)
HB  2083
Harris, Bud (Del Mar College Board of Regents)
Lassiter, Wright (Dallas County Community Colleges)
McCrohan, Betty (Wharton County Junior College)
Melina Raab, Ted (Texas AFT)
Valek, Millicent (Texas Association of Community Colleges,
Brazosport College)
HB  4586 - Committee Substitute  (Pitts)
Hansen, Jon (Texas Historic Commission)
Wilson, Latonia  (Self and Lationia D. Wilson Galveston Co. District Clerk)
Boggus, Tom (Texas Forest Service)
DeWitt, Robby (Texas Forest Service)
Duncan, David (Texas Dept. of Information Resources)
Finley, Trace (General Land Office)
Hightower, Allen (Correctional Managed Health Care Committee)
Oaks, Lawerence (Larry) (Texas  Historical Commission)
Reisman, David (Texas Ethics Commission)