Corrections Committee
January  28, 2010 - 9:00 AM
Interim Charge # 5
Balazs, Nikkie (No More Victims, Inc.)
Bell, Oliver (Texas Board of Criminal Justice)
Claitor, Diana (Texas Jail Project)
Cook, Melinda (Truth Be Told)
Cox, Bob  (Self)
Dornhoefer, Lea Ann (Truth Be Told)
DuFour, Doots (Diocese of Austin, Texas Catholic Correctional Ministries)
Eddison, Jonathan (Truth Be Told)
Gambrell, Marilyn (No More Vitcitms, Inc.)
Hendry, La'Voshea (No More Victims, Inc.)
Hightower, Allen (Correctional Managed Healthcare)
Holland, Elizabeth (Project Matthew)
Jones, Brenda (No More Victims, Inc.)
Kromrei, Elizabeth (Texas Department of Family and Protective Services)
Levin, Marc (TPPF, Center for Effective Justice)
Lewis, Lydrea (Truth Be Told)
Livingston, Brad (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
McGinty, Jerry (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
McNutt, David (Correctional Managed Healthcare)
Miller, Jackie (WHEW)
Murray, Owen (UTMB)
Nagy, Geraldine (Travis County CSCD & Texas Probation Department)
Noyes, Michael (Dallas County CSCD)
Pancamo, Sharon (Truth Be Told)
Peters-Maughan, Busi (WHEW)
Pollock, Joycelyn  (Self)
Rivas, Andrew (Texas Catholic Church)
Scott, Jennifer (Travis County Sheriff's Office, Austin)
Simpson, Matt (ACLU of Texas)
Sorrell, Nathalie (Truth Be Told)
Speck, Vicki (ACLU of Texas)
Spriggs, Vicki (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission)
Swafford, Priscilla (Women Healing and Empowering Women (WHEW))
Syed, Javed (Nueces County CSCD)
Teague, Becky  (Self)
Thaler, Rick (TDCJ)
Townsend, Cheryln (Texas Youth Commission)
Waid, Carol (Truth Be Told)
Wilkerson, Elizabeth (Truth Be Told)
Wilson, Dee (TDCJ)
Yanez Correa, Ana (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)