Corrections Committee
March  16, 2010 - 9:00 AM
Interim Charge # 2
Crain, David  (Self)
Creuzot, Ethan  (Self)
Creuzot, John  (Self)
Davis, Conrith (Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles)
Dufour, Doots (Diocese of Austin/ Catholic Church)
Fabelo, Tony (Justice Center, Council of State Governments)
Francis, Robert (Dallas County CSCD 4C Courts)
Gay, Clifford  (Self)
Herndon, Brenda  (Self)
Hodges, David (Texas Center for the Judiciary/ Texas Assn. of Counties)
Jablonski, Derrick  (Self)
Jefferson, Dave  (Self)
Jenkins, Stuart (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Johnson, Jay (Texas Association of Counties)
Levin, Marc (Texas Public Policy Foundation, Center for Effective Justice)
Livingston, Brad (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Lovelace, Joe (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers)
Lutz, Stephanie  (Self)
McDermott II, Thomas (Bell Lampasas County)
Owens, Rissie (Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles)
Scott, Jane  (Self)
Syed, Javed (Nueces County CSCD)
Thompson, Rodney (Angelina County CSCD)
Watson, Tammy (LBB)
Welebob, Carey (TDCJ)
Wilburn, Michael  (Self)
Williams, Teresa (Dallas County CSCD)
Wilson, Dee (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Word, Cole (DWI Courts/ Alchoholics Anonymous)
Wright, Russell  (Self)
Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)
Registering, but not testifying:
Kinard, Jeanette  (Self)