Corrections Committee
June  30, 2010 - 9:00 AM
Interim Charge # 3
Collier, Bryan (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Cosper, Caprice (Reentry Task Force)
Delgado, Nikki (Corporation for Supportive Housing)
Fleming, Clare (Ventana del Soul)
Gonzales, Rene (Ventana Del Soul)
Guillory, Bishop LJ (Ombudsman Internation Inc.)
Handwerk, Alicia (Ohio Department of Rehabilition and Correction)
Jefferson, Leslie (City of Houston Reentry program)
Jenkins, Stuart (TDCJ)
Jones, Richard (Ventana Del Soul)
Lewis, Dianna (Texas Supportive Housing Coalition)
Livingston, Brad (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
Lykos, Patricia (Harris County District Attorney's Office)
Marzullo, Amanda (Texas Fair Defense Project)
McCraw, Steven (DPS)
Molnar, Mary Sue (Texas Voices)
Moore, John (Independent Ombudsman of TYC)
Moore, Kate (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs)
Ney, Becky (Center for Effective Public Policy)
Owens, Rissie (TX Board of Pardons and Parole)
Pollard, Darrell (Reentry, City of Houston program)
Savannah, Sheila (City of Houston Reentry  Program)
Schmidt, Jerrylin  (Self)
Shoemaker, Jimmy (Montgomery County Christians Against Substance Abuse)
Smith, Bert (Prison Entrepreneurship Program)
Taylor, Philip  (Self)
Teas, Andrew (Houston Apartment Assoication)
Thaler, Rick (TDCJ)
Thomas, Clarecia (Reetnry)
Townsend, Cherlyn (TYC)
Van Winkle, Beth (Texas Apartment Association and Houston Apartment Association)
Verver, Nicole (Texas Workforce Commission)
Walker, Regina (Brigid's Hope Program/ The Beacon/CHOM)
Williams, Wilbur (City of Houston Reentry Program)
Wilson, Dee (TDCJ)
Registering, but not testifying:
Habern, Bill  (Self)