State Affairs Committee
April  28, 2009 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
HB  5
Brown, Bick (Hyde Park Bar & Grill)
Huang, Philip (Austin/Travis County Health Dept.
City of Austin)
Johnson, Barry  (Self)
Johnson, William  (Self)
Medina, Larry  (Self)
Reid, Leslie  (Self)
Smith, Jody (Town of Flower Mound)
Todd, Bruce  (Self)
Wheeler, Cass (Smoke Free Texas)
Bedosky, Matthew  (Self and Calypso Products Inc)
Biocca, Jared  (Self)
Brophy, David  (Self)
Butler, Robert (Libertarian Party of Texas)
Camarata, Scott  (Self)
Fenoglio, Stephen (State VFW of Texas)
Greenwald, Cheryl  (Self and Cigar Vault, Houston, TXCMA, IPCPR)
Johnson, William (Hooz Coctails + San Antonio Bar + Billiard Coalition)
Lapp, Stephen (Club Humidor + Employees of Club Humidor)
Lightle, John  (Self)
Livingston, David (Tobacco Junction)
O'Connor, Patricia  (Self and Texas Cigar Merchants Assoc.)
Peacock, Mike  (Self)
Pennington, Kent  (Self)
Petrunin, Igor (Petric LLC)
Plaia, Jake (Amusement and Music Operators of Texas)
Poehler, Patrick  (Self and Texas Cigar Merchants Assoc. I.P.C.P.R.)
Poehler, Richard  (Self)
Querbach, Adam (Hookah Lounge, llc)
Ross, Shon  (Self and Tobacco Retailers of Texas Association)
Rumbo, Tiffany  (Self and Texas Cigar Merchants Association)
Samulionis, George  (Self)
Spence, Tracy  (Self)
Tong, Perry  (Self)
Venable, Peggy (Americans for Prosperity)
Waigel, Heather (Fumee, Inc)
Wilkerson, William  (Self)
Wilson, Michael  (Self)
Keir, Barbara (TX Dept State Health Services)
Registering, but not testifying:
Arnold, Ellen (Texas PTA)
Campbell, Ben (Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes)

Chatelle, Melody (Chatelle and Associates)
Cutrer, Jennifer (Parkland Health & Hospital System)
Finley, Marisa (Scott & White Center for Healthcare Policy)
Fredriksen, Amanda (AARP)
Galligher, Duane (Association of Substance Abuse Program)
Garza, Rudy (City of Corpus Christi)
Hatfield, Carole (Texas Catholic Conference
Roman Catholic Bishops of Texas)
Herzog, Greg (Texas Medical Assn)
Holcombe, Wanda  (Self and Texas Impact)
Holt, David  (Self)
Hutton, Lauren (Lance Armstrong Foundation)
Jackson, Richie (Texas Restaurant Assn.)
Jamison, Mazie (Children's Medical Center Dallas)
Kenderdine, Marshall (Texas Academy of Family Physicians)
Knight, Krista  (Self)
Knisley, Jeff (American Lung Association)
Kroll, Carrie (Texas Pediatric Society)
Lane, Lee (Texas Association of Local Health Officials)
Little, Melinda (Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids)
Magid, Ramona (Susan G. Komen for the Cure Austin Affiliate)
Marwitz, David (Texas Health Resources)
Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
Morris, Marian (Governing/Policy Affairs Committee, TX Public Health Association (TPHA), Texas Public Health Coalition (TPHC))
Perkins, Vicki (Christus Santa Rosa Healthcare)
Propes, Jay (Texas Ophthalmological  Assn.)
Punzalan, Risa (Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG))
Reed, Cyrus (LSC, Sierra Club)
Rich, Sid (Texas Association of Residential Care Communities)
Romo, Joel (American Heart Association)
Romo, Joel (Texas Public Health Coalition)
Rose, Denise (Texas Hospital Association)
Sabo, Jason (United Ways of Texas)
Sanchez, Eduardo (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas)
Sanders, Morgan (March of Dimes)
Shelton, Emily (Texas Impact)
Smith, Jodie (Texans Care for Children)
Sperry, Bryan (Children's Hospital Association of Texas)
Spikes, Candise (Catholic Health Association of Texas)
Thorson, Beth K.  (Self and Texas Dietetic Association)
Tounget, Craig (Austin Physicians for Social Responsibility)
Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)
Wynn, Monty (Texas Municipal League)
Adley, Will  (Self)
Alvarez, Gerry  (Self and The Smoke Ring)

Buhman, Larry  (Self)
Cole, Clyde  (Self)
de la Garza, Jonathan (Robusto's Cigar Lounge)
Dietrich, David (Perdomo Cigars TXCMA)
Gardner, William  (Self)
Gatton Jr., Gary  (Self)
Gavito, Eddie  (Self and Altadis USA)
Gavito, Jerry  (Self and Lake Worth Cigars)
Golden, Michael (Texas Employment Law Council)
Haass, Kyle  (Self)
Haass, Vincent  (Self)
Harris, Rebecca  (Self)
Hutts, Chris  (Self)
Janero, Eric  (Self)
Jarnot, Robert  (Self)
Jones, Kristin  (Self)
Karim, Saiful  (Self and Smoke Ring)
King-Fazio, Heather  (Self)
Livingston, Joan  (Self)
Martin, Michael (Galveston Bay Tobacco, LLC)
Maynard, Shawna  (Self and Mary Almanza, James C Coone, Brad Maynard, Kern Place Cigars)
Moore, Austin  (Self)
Nolen, Jeff  (Self)
Peeler, Robert (Cigar Association of America)
Poehler, Diane  (Self)
Riley, Kevin  (Self)
Romman, Sami (Hookah Wholesalers)
Rosales, Michael  (Self)
Sanaie, Kandice (Texas Association of Business)
Sandlin, Jack  (Self)
Scott, Allison  (Self)
Stein, Kathrun  (Self)
Valenzuela, Katherine  (Self)
Voth, David  (Self)
Whitehead, Adam  (Self)
Wiles, Earl (Tobacco Lane Inc - Arlington, Grapevine, Addison)
Wright, David  (Self)
Hawk, Ernest (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Maples, Mike (Department of State Health Services)
HB  5 - Committee Substitute  (Solomons)
Registering, but not testifying:
Graves, Tim (Texas Healthcare Association)
HB  970
Bearden, Chase (Caolition of Texans With Disabilities)
Registering, but not testifying:
Arnold, Ellen (Goodwills of Texas)

Miller, Jeff (Advocacy Incorporated)
Wadge, Gyl (Mental Health America of Texas)
HB  1543
Santini, Fern  (Self)
Davis, Michael  (Self and Texas Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects)
Longley, Joey (Sunset Commission)
Registering, but not testifying:
Butler, Robert (Libertarian Party of Texas)
Levin, Marc (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
Paylor, Ryan (Texas Conservative Coalition)
Venable, Peggy (Americans for Prosperity)
HB  2670
Freeman, Harold (Texas Construction Association)
Garrabrant-Sierra, Stephanie (Texas Parks and Wildlife Division)
HB  3431
Brown, Jim (Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers)
Fisher, Bill  (Self)
MacDonald, Granger  (Self)
DePenning, Joann (J. DePenning Consulting, Inc.)
Jones, Bob (Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation)
Closmann, Katherine (Texas State Affordable Housing Corp.)
Gerber, Michael (Texas Dept. of Housing + Community Affairs)
Long, David (TX State Affordable Hsg. Corp)
Longley, Joey (Sunset Commision)
Registering, but not testifying:
Contreras, Carlos (City of San Antonio)
Dunn, Mike  (Self and The NRG Group, affordable housing developer)
Guerrero, Debra (The NRP Group)
Jonas, James (Haven for Hope)
Saldana, Joe (San Antonio Police Officers Association)
Shields, Chris (City of San Antonio)
Wilkison, Charley (Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, CLEAT)
Carriker, Steven (Texas Assn of Community Development Corporations)
Chatham, Donna (Assoc. of Rural Communities in TX)
Hull, Matt (Habitat for Humanity of Texas)
Talerico, Jeanne (Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies)
Venable, Peggy (Americans for Prosperity)
HB  3631
Homer, Andy (Texas Public  Employees Association)
Registering, but not testifying:
Flores, Linda (State Agency Coordinating Committee (SACC)
HB  3943
Garza, Rudy (City of Corpus Christi)
Thompson, James (City of Sugar Land)
Registering, but not testifying:
Wynn, Monty (Texas Municipal League)
Whalen, Ken (TX Daily Newspaper Association
TX Press Association)

HB  4107
Schwirtz, Mark (Colden Spread Electric Coop)
Registering, but not testifying:
Brown, Earl (Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc.)
Buckner, Fredda (Big Country Elec Co-op)
Henley, Greg (Lyntegar Electric Cooperative, Inc.)
McGinnis, Campbell (Golden Spread Electric Cooperative)
O'Neil, Robert (Golden Spread Electric Cooperatives, Inc.)
Williams, Mike (Texas Electric Cooperative)
Williams, Steve (Golden Spread Electric Cooperative
Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative)
HB  4140
Henderson, Suzanne (County Clerk of Tarrant County)
Streater, Joy  (Self and County + District Clerks Assn)
Place, Allen (Texas Land Title Association)
Vanhettinga, Brynne (ACLU of Texas)
Morin, Milton  (Self)
HCR 119
Registering, but not testifying:
Gibbs, Gary (Southwestern Electric Power Co.)
Schwirtz, Mark (Golden Spread Electric Coop)
Williams, Mike (Texas Electric Cooperatives)
Withro, Damon (Xcel Energy)