May 24, 2010 - 09:00 AM
Panel 1
Paredes, Raymund   Commissioner of Higher Education (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board),  Austin, TX
Reynolds, Lizzette Gonzalez   Deputy Commissioner Statewide Policy and Programs (also providing written testimony)  (TEA),  Austin, TX
Vargas, Joel   Program Director (also providing written testimony)  (Jobs For The Future),  Boston, MA
Panel 2
Apodaca, Ed C.   Vice Pres. for Student Services and Enrollment Management (also providing written testimony)  (Univ. of Houston-Downtown),  Houston, TX
Bender, Missy   Trustee (also providing written testimony)  (Plano ISD),  Plano, TX
Garcia, Dr Rey   President (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Assn of Community Colleges),  Austin, TX
Givens, Anita   Associate Commissioner, Standards and Programs (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Panel 3
Anderson, David   General Counsel (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Education Agency),  Austin, TX
Garza, Karen   Superintendent of Schools (also providing written testimony)  (Lubbock ISD),  Lubbock, TX
Stephenson, MacGregor   Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Research (also providing written testimony)  (THECB),  Austin, TX
Taylor, Lori   Assoc. Prof. and Program area leader for school finance (also providing written testimony)  (state of Texas Education Research Center, TAMU),  College Station, TX
Panel 4
Israel, Cary A.   District President (also providing written testimony)  (Collin College),  Allen, TX
Stephen B., Kinslow,   President / CEO, Austin Community College District (also providing written testimony)  (TACC (Texas Assoc. of Community Colleges))
Stephenson, MacGregor   Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Research (also providing written testimony)  (THECB),  Austin, TX
Wilcox, James E.   Superintendent (also providing written testimony)  (Longview ISD TASA),  Longview, TX
Panel 5
Abraham, Salem   V.P. of Board of Trustees, Canadian ISD (also providing written testimony)  (Canadian ISD),  Canadian, TX
Keck, Ray M.   President (also providing written testimony)  (Texas A and M International University),  Laredo, TX
Nichols, Paula Allison   Executive Director, Division of Distance Learning (also providing written testimony)  (Lamar University),  Beaumont, TX
Panel 6
Fitzpatrick, John   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas High School Project/Community Foundation of Texas),  Dallas, TX
Prior, David   Exec. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (also providing written testimony)  (The University of Texas System),  Austin, TX
Rhodes, Richard M.   President of El Paso Community College (also providing written testimony)  (El Paso Community College and TACC),  El Paso, TX
Public Testimony
Blincoe, Dr. Reece   Superintendent Brownwood ISD  (Brownwood ISD and Texas Assoc of Community Schools),  Brownwood, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Ramirez L, Minita   Dean of Student Success  (Texas A+M International University),  Ldo, TX