August 31, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Legislative Committee on Aging
Cano Hernandez, Lucila  (also providing written testimony)  (Brownsville Public Utilities Board),  Brownsville, TX
Finely, Terry   Division VP- Center Point Energy  (Center Point Energy/ Association of Electric Co. of Texas),  Houston, TX
Gleason, Eric   Director, Public Transportation (also providing written testimony)  (TxDOT),  Austin, TX
Graves, Tim   President and CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Health Care Association),  Austin, TX
Lentz, Gregory   Pres/ CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Health Mark Group),  The Woodlands, TX
Morstad, Tim   Associate State Director (also providing written testimony)  (AARP),  Austin, TX
Potter, Lloyd   State Demographer (also providing written testimony)  (Office of the Texas State Demographer),  Austin, TX
Russell, Peggy M.   DO (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Medical Association),  Austin, TX
Saunders, Dr. Michele   Chair, ATWAC, DADS  (ATWAC, DADS),  Austin, TX
Williams, Mike   Pres/ CEO (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Electric Cooperatives),  Austin, TX
Zion, Mark  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public Power Assoc.),  Austin, TX