Criminal Commitments of Indiv. w/ Mental Retardation, Select
November 2, 2009 - 01:30 PM
Interim Hearing
Bearden, Jeff   Director of Forensic Programs (also providing written testimony)  (North Texas State Hospital, Vernon Campus),  Vernon, TX
Garnett, Richard   Board Member (also providing written testimony)  (The Arc of Texas),  Fort Worth, TX
Herman, Guy   Judge (also providing written testimony)  (Probate Court of Travis County),  Austin, TX
Keating, Kevin   Assistant District Attorney (also providing written testimony)  (Harris County District Attorney's Office),  Houston, TX
Kinard, Jeannette   Director (also providing written testimony)  (Travis County Mental Health Public Defender),  Austin, TX
Lopez, Chris   Assistant General Counsel (also providing written testimony)  (Department of State Health Services),  Austin, TX
Lowry, William H.   Director (also providing written testimony)  (Department of Aging and Disability Services/Mexia State Supported Living Center),  Mexia, TX
Mitchell, Beth   Managing Attorney (also providing written testimony)  (Advocacy Incorporated),  Austin, TX
Tate, Barbara   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Heart of Texas Region Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center),  Waco, TX
Webb, Roger   Executive Director (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities),  Austin, TX
Weizenbaum, Jon   Interim Commissioner (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services),  Austin, TX