Amend CSHB 1 as follows:
In Article III, under the appropriations to the Texas Education Agency, amend rider 35 as follows on page III-12 as follows:
35. Adult Education. Priority shall be given to adult literacy programs and may be given to adult literacy programs that include training in financial literacy and occupational foundation skills in the expenditure of adult education funds appropriated above. It is the intent of the Legislature that, in providing educational programs, the administering agency or agencies shall provide appropriate training to recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in accordance with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. Out of the $12,135,700 in General Revenue Funds appropriated in each fiscal year of the 2012-13 biennium above in Strategy A.2.5, Adult Education and Family Literacy, an amount not less than $2,000,000 each fiscal year shall be allocated to TEA's adult education cooperatives to provide education and training services to TANF recipients. In addition, out of the Federal TANF funds appropriated above in Strategy A.2.5, $3,800,000 in fiscal year 2012 and $3,800,000 in fiscal year 2013 shall be directed for services for adults who are eligible for TANF. Families that include a child living at home are deemed eligible for TANF-funded adult education services if a family member receives any of the following forms of assistance: Food Stamps, Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program, Child Care and Development Fund, or Free or Reduced Priced Child Nutrition Program meals. To implement these provisions, TEA shall enter into contracts or arrangements with the agency or agencies administering welfare reform and may work with other community-based organizations to offer services directly to adult TANF recipients. All providers of adult education shall meet the requirements defined in the Texas Education Code. Federal funds appropriated for this purpose shall be used for administrative expenditures only to the extent allowable under Federal regulations.
TEA shall coordinate with the Higher Education Coordinating Board in efforts to develop and implement an action plan to align Adult Basic Education and post-secondary education and in the provision of data necessary to analyze performance outcomes.
It is the intent of the Legislature that the agency shall allocate state and federal adult basic education funds, other than federal funds set aside for state administration, special projects, and staff development; funds shall be allocated by county, based both on need for persons 18 years of age or older who have not received a high school diploma/GED and on performance, including contact hours as well as program and student progress. Funds available to a service area in which there is no eligible service provider in the county shall be distributed proportionally by the agency to other eligible service providers in the service area to serve the county. If there are no other eligible service providers to serve the county, the funds allocated for that county shall be distributed by the agency throughout the state to eligible service providers by service area. TEA shall conduct a competitive bid process in fiscal year 2012 for eligible service provider funding in 2013.