Amend CSHB 1 (the General Appropriations Act), in the Special Provisions Relating Only to State Agencies of Higher Education in Article III of the bill (page III-219), by adding the following appropriately numbered section:
Sec. ____.  Additional Funds for TEXAS Grants. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, at the beginning of each fiscal year of the state fiscal biennium ending August 31, 2013, each institution of higher education receiving funds under this Act determined in whole or part according to formulas recommended by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board shall transfer to the Coordinating Board a portion of the general revenue appropriations to the institution for that fiscal year. The total amount to be transferred under this section is $128,000,000 in each state fiscal year. The Coordinating Board shall compute the amount to be transferred by each institution in each fiscal year and shall certify that amount to each institution. The amount for each institution is computed by allocating the total amount to be transferred in the fiscal year among those institutions in proportion to the total amount of general revenue appropriated by this Act to each institution for that year. Funds received by the Coordinating Board under this section shall be used by the Coordinating Board to provide TEXAS Grants, and are in addition to any other amounts appropriated by this Act that may be used for that purpose.