Amend CSHB 1 on page III-6 (Texas Education Agency) by inserting the appropriately-numbered rider and renumbering any subsequent riders accordingly.
____. Public School Counselor Report. It is the intent of the Legislature that, out of funds appropriated above, the Texas Education Agency shall conduct a comprehensive statewide study of the duties public school counselors perform. In conducting the study, the Texas Education Agency shall:
(1)  include all public school counselors;
(2)  determine the percentage of total employment time public school counselors spend in performing:
(A)  duties relating to:
(i)  assessment and testing; and
(ii)  schedule changes; and
(iii)  group counseling; and
(iv)  individual counseling; and
(v)  parent conferences; and
(vi)  teacher conferences; and
(vii)  admission, review, and dismissal meetings; and
(viii)  provision of information concerning institutions of higher education;
(B)  each duty described by Section 33.005, 33.006 or 33.007, Education Code, that is not addressed by Paragraph (A); and
(C)  each additional duty not addressed by Paragraph (A) or (B) that public school counselors perform, as identified by the Texas Education Agency;
(3)  determine the public school counselor-to-student ratio statewide and in each school district at the elementary, middle or junior high, and high school levels. The Texas Education Agency shall prepare a report for the 83rd Legislature containing the findings and any recommendations resulting from the study.