Amend CSHB 1 in Article I of the bill, following the appropriations to the Comptroller of Public Accounts (page I-18), by adding the following appropriately numbered rider:
____. Tax Preference Study. It is the intent of the legislature that the Comptroller of Public Accounts, using funds appropriated by this Act:
(1)  conduct during the state fiscal year beginning September 1, 2011, a study on each credit, discount, exclusion, exemption, refund, special valuation, special accounting treatment, special rate, or special method of reporting authorized by state law that relates to a state or local tax imposed by this state and:
(A)  determine the intended purpose of each tax preference described by this subdivision; and
(B)  evaluate:
(i)  whether the tax preference accomplishes its intended purpose;
(ii)  whether the tax preference is inefficient, ineffective, or unnecessary, or the intended purpose of the tax preference is a low priority for this state; and
(iii)  the effect of the tax preference on economic development, the number of high wage jobs, funding for public services, the distribution of the tax burden by income class and industry or business class, and total income by income class by this state;
(2)  make recommendations for each tax preference studied regarding:
(A)  continuing the tax preference;
(B)  amending a provision relating to the tax preference; or
(C)  repealing the tax preference; and
(3)  report the conclusions of the study to the speaker of the house of representatives and the lieutenant governor not later than December 1, 2012, and include in the report a thorough explanation of each of the comptroller's recommendations and proposed legislation necessary to implement the findings of the study.