Amend Amendment No. 170 by Villarreal to CSHB 1 (page 31, prefiled amendment packet) as follows:
(1)  On page 1, line 4 of the amendment, strike "Tax Preference Study."
(2)  Strike page 1, lines 7-12 of the amendment and substitute:
(1)  shall expand the existing Tax Exemptions and Tax Incidence report;
(2)  conduct during the state fiscal year beginning September 1, 2011, a study of provisions that reduce the taxes owed by any taxpayer by state law that relates to a state or local education property tax imposed and:".
(3)  On page 1, lines 19 and 20, strike "or the intended purpose of the tax preference is a low priority for this state".
(4)  On page 1, strike line 26 through page 2, line 8 and substitute:
(3)  prioritize tax preferences and complete as many evaluations described by item (1) of this rider as feasible; and
(4)  schedule evaluations of the remaining tax preferences to be completed over the following four years.