On page IV-40 of the bill pattern for Special Provisions - Judiciary, add the following new rider:
____. Contingency Appropriation for HB 2174. Contingent on passage of HB 2174, or similar legislation relating to the establishment of the judicial access and improvement account to provide funding for basic civil legal services, indigent defense, and judicial technical support through certain county service fees and court costs, by the Eighty-second Legislature, Regular Session, in addition to amounts appropriated elsewhere in this Act, there is hereby appropriated out of the fee revenue generated due to implementation of provisions of the HB 2174 the following amounts:
a.  $3,500,000 in each fiscal year to the Office of Court Administration in Strategy A.2.1, Indigent Defense from the General Revenue-Dedicated Fair Defense Account No. 5073 to restore grants to counties.
In the event that actual and/or projected revenue collections are insufficient to offset the costs identified by this provision, the Legislative Budget Board may direct the Comptroller of Public Accounts to reduce the appropriation authority provided above to be within the amount of revenue expected to be available. Further, in the event that actual receipts or revenue collections generated by enactment of HB 2174, or similar legislation, are in excess of the amounts appropriated by this provision, these amounts are appropriated for the purposes of basic civil legal services, indigent defense, and judicial technical support.
Any unexpended balances remaining as of August 31, 2012, out of appropriations herein are hereby appropriated to the respective agency or court for the fiscal year beginning September 1, 2012, for the same purposes.