Amend CSHB 1, Article III, page III-13, by amending Rider 38 in the Texas Education Agency's bill pattern as follows:
Funding for Regional Education Service Centers. Out of the funds appropriated above in Strategy A.2.4, School Improvement and Support, the Commissioner shall distribute $16,888,266 in fiscal year 2012 and $17,309,037 in fiscal year 2013 to Regional Education Service Centers to provide professional development and other technical assistance services to school districts. No more than one-third of the amounts identified in this rider shall be distributed by the commissioner for core services based on criteria established in the Texas Education Code, §8.121. The remaining amounts shall be distributed through a formula based on geographic considerations and school districts serving less than 1600 students. The formula for distribution shall be determined by the Commissioner but shall provide enhanced funding to Regional Education Service Centers that primarily serve small and rural school districts. The Commissioner shall obtain approval for the distribution formula from the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor.